Your Pregnancy at Week 13

by Your Baby Club

Yay! Help is finally here! In the form of your perfectly grown placenta! Now you’re in the second trimester, the newly grown placenta takes over the care and maintenance of your baby as it busily provides your baby with all the nutrients and oxygen it needs and at the same time, takes away all the waste products that it doesn’t need.

As a result, some of those pesky pregnancy symptoms may be taking a back seat as you get a little extra spring in your step! You may be also getting a little extra growth around your waistline and your clothes may be starting to bite just a little!

Wrapped around little one is the bag of protective waters. The “Bag for Life” is made up of two layers; the Amnion and the Chorion. This fluid-filled sac provides a cushion for your growing baby.

As you would expect, your baby continues to grow rapidly in size and now has teeth, vocal cords and even fingerprints!

Now you are feeling a little more sprightly you may want to be more active and get back to exercise if you have had a break. Take things slowly as you ease back into things. Things may start to feel a little different from a movement perspective as you get used to your changing sense of balance, as baby peeks above the pubic line as the pelvis is a little too cramped now!


Don’t forget - eating for two is an old wives tale to be ignored. You will regret it later down the line if you put on lots of unnecessary weight, so look after yourself and keep treats to that all too boring moderation!

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