Your Pregnancy at Week 33

by Your Baby Club

Tired? I’ll bet! You are likely still at work but do try to rest when you can – especially if you are struggling to sleep at night. Are you able to alter your working hours a little to go in later? A lay-in may make all the difference!

As your tummy gets bigger and bigger you may be noticing increased backache. This is a normal complaint in the late stages of pregnancy however, you may want to consider pregnancy pilates or aquanatal as both these activities can ease your discomfort. Also, book an appointment with a Physio or Osteopath if you are really suffering.

Speaking of rest, at this point your little one is starting to act less like a fetus and more like a baby. Now that the uterine wall is thinning, your little one is getting a greater idea of what day and night is and is beginning to close their eyes to sleep and open their eyes when they’re awake. As much as it might not seem it when they’re with you in the world, your little one does now have an understanding of sleep!

Have you started to worry about how this growing baby is able to come through such a small space? Luckily, your baby’s head is nice and squishy to allow it to navigate its way into the world.


Another great thing about your baby at this point is that they now have their very own immune system. This will, of course, be an extremely important and beneficial development for your baby once they enter the real world.

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