Your Pregnancy at Week 35

by Your Baby Club

Space really is at a premium, as your baby continues to pack on just over 200g per week from now on and is just a couple centimetres off its birth height. That said, it is a myth that babies don’t move as much because of the lack of space.

You may notice a change in the sensation of the movement as the baby isn’t able to practice those roundhouse kicks anymore BUT you should still feel the baby wriggling around in there. If you are ever worried about the baby’s movements, get checked out.

Baby is growing even more brain cells this week and is settling into their new head-down position in your pelvis. Thanks to the unfused skull, babies’ heads elongate into a cone-like shape in order to make birth easier, even though their head is the largest part of their body. It would be much harder if their bums came out first!


Despite coming towards the end of your pregnancy, just 5 weeks left! Be ready to revisit the unfortunate world of frequent urination and incontinence. This time, however, unlike in the first trimester, where it was pregnancy hormones causing this unfortunate side effect, this time since your baby is getting ready for delivery, it is head down and pressing on your bladder, giving you the unfortunately frequent urge to pee, as well as an increased likelihood of peeing after sneezing, coughing or even laughing...sorry! Get those Kegels in!

Find out what to expect in week 36!

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