Your Pregnancy at Week 35

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It's Starting to Get Tight in There!

Week 35

your baby this week:

Space really is at a premium - your baby continues to pack on just over 200g per week and is just a couple of centimetres off its final birth length. That said, it is a myth that babies don't move as much because of the lack of space.

You may notice a change in the sensation of the movement, however, as the baby isn’t able to practise those roundhouse kicks anymore. But you should still feel the baby wriggling around in there. If you are ever worried about baby's movements, get checked out.

Baby is growing even more brain cells this week and is settling further into their new head down position in your pelvis.

your body:

Despite coming towards the end of your pregnancy - hopefully just 5 weeks left - you are likely to find yourself once again needing to dash to the loo every 5 minutes. This time however, unlike in the first trimester where it was pregnancy hormones causing this unfortunate side effect, since your baby is in head down position it is pressing on your bladder, as well as giving you an increased likelihood of peeing after sneezing, coughing, or even laughing... Sorry!

One thing to ensure is that despite this, you do not cut down on fluids. Instead, always try and empty your bladder completely. One way which can help to do this, is to lean forward while peeing and also try some kegel exercises as a way of reducing potential incontinence.

Louise Broadbridge - Our Expert Midwife

Hi, my name is Louise, I am a Registered Midwife, founder of Let's Talk Birth and Baby and the face behind Instagram's The Honest Midwife. I have worked in health settings for the past 30 years, the majority of which have been working in children and family settings.


your tips & to do's:

The phrase "slept like a baby" tends to make most of us conjure an image of this peaceful baby sleeping for hours, undisturbed by anything. Those first days after birth, or even weeks after birth, you may discover your little one snoozes most of the day away, totally oblivious to camera flashes and onlookers. As you spend too many hours just holding, cuddling, and gazing adoringly at your the snoozing angel, you may finally realize what "sleeping like a baby" means. It means passing gas, funny faces, little grunts, and a few grins.

Do your best to "sleep like a baby" as often as possible during the next few weeks. Not only is childbirth exhausting, but you will soon experience moments when your newborn is overly tired, turning into restless, cranky, demanding little creature who wakes up at all hours of the night with certain, demanding cries. Many new parents think that they are doing something wrong. Perhaps their first week home went wonderfully, and you had a newborn who sleep five hours straight at night. Maybe your little one peacefully snoozed from one feeding to another, giving you plenty of time to rest as well. And then the tides turn, and your little monster is depriving you of much needed sleep.

This happens, so don’t worry if it happens to you. If it doesn't happen to you, count yourself insanely lucky and try to avoid gloating or bragging about it to the rest of us, please. You are more well-rested than the rest of us and we can’t be held entirely accountable for how we'll respond to your chipper attitude.

You may not be able to avoid all sleep issues, but you can be prepared for them. Research the sleep advice of experts and learn about the various methods of getting babies to sleep through the night. There are plenty to choose from. You're sure to find one that fits your style and vision of parenting. Just keep in mind that your baby's temperament will play a large part in the success of any method. There are believers in co-sleeping and believers in keeping your little one in their own crib. Some who suggest closing the nursery door and not looking back until morning and others who suggest waiting through five minutes of crying before intervening. What works for some won't work for all, so take it all with a grain of salt and ask around. Talk with friends and family members who have seemingly well-rested children and find out what worked for them.

There is a reason why everyone is telling you to enjoy your sleep right now, while you can. Because a good night's sleep is super easy when you're 35 weeks pregnant... right?

Don't forget to write in your pregnancy journal; and take a side profile pregnancy body picture, too!

your symptoms

Pregnancy is exhausting, but when you hold that little baby, you'll realize it was all entirely worth it. Here is a list of symptoms you may experience during week 35.

  • Constipation and/or hemorrhoids
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Stretch marks
  • Sweating
  • Heartburn
  • Braxton Hicks
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Backaches and/or leg cramps
  • Swelling or bloating
  • Crazy dreams
  • Nesting

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