Your Pregnancy at Week 37

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Although your due date is not for another 3 weeks you are now actually classed as being at ‘term’ - baby is done cooking! It is expected, however, that your baby will arrive anytime between now and 42 weeks of pregnancy, but let’s hope you don’t have to wait another 5 weeks.​

If you are planning on breastfeeding, you can now start your colostrum harvesting which will be the gift that keeps on giving in the early weeks. If you have been to antenatal classes, you will be aware of the signs of labour and what to do when the time comes.


One thing you could consider starting at this stage in the pregnancy would be perineal massages. These massages gently stretch the perineum, which is the area of skin between your vagina and rectum. By having these massages, you may experience reduced amounts of stinging sensations during the crowning of your baby’s head. This may additionally help avoid tearing occurring as well as reducing the chances of needing an episiotomy, the procedure which makes a small cut in the perineum to allow more space for your baby to be born.

Despite this being quite a way along in your pregnancy, your little one is still gaining weight and function. At this point, your baby is still gaining around 200g a week in the form of super cute and squidgy fat and is getting ready for the big new world waiting for them by practising things such as breathing, sucking their thumb, and moving.

Something to consider at this stage in the pregnancy is ‘Is everything ready?’. Very few babies actually arrive on their due date meaning you won’t be guaranteed that extra week of shopping, or that day to test the baby gadgets, so try and make sure everything you need is in place ready for your big day.

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