Your Pregnancy at Week 38

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Only a couple more weeks to go, or maybe less! Your baby now has fully matured lungs which are continuing to produce a substance called surfactant. This substance prevents the lung walls from sticking together once breathing starts. The vocal cords are ready for their debut – that first cry will be one of the most wonderful sounds you’ve ever heard.

Hopefully, your baby is head down. If not you will have had an appointment with the consultant to discuss your options for delivery.

Your baby is also experiencing numerous smaller changes throughout this time, all of which will be equally as important in the long run, they are adding fat, improving their nervous system and improving certain brain functions, all in readiness for when they enter the world. Their vernix (that greasy substance protecting their skin from going wrinkly) is starting to shed, as well as their lanugo (fine hair covering their bodies).

For your body, the main thing that will be happening at this point is that your baby will begin dropping into your pelvis, which in turn brings benefits such as easier breathing, but also brings with it increased pelvic pressure.

There are also going to be some slightly less obvious changes occurring, such as cervical dilation, as well as effacement, which is the thinning of the cervix, when your cervix is fully effaced, this means your cervix has thinned enough for your baby to be born.


You may also find that you begin experiencing some of the things you would usually expect to have during the early stages of motherhood, most notably, leaky breasts!

This is nothing to worry about, what you are leaking is colostrum, which is an important factor in improving immunity and growth in your little one, and any that leaks are merely excess, meaning your baby is getting all the colostrum they need, but it does mean you may want to wear breast pads during this period to protect your clothes.

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