How to Baby-Proof Your Home


Once your little one enters your home, it will be sooner than you think before they start crawling and eventually walking their way around your humble abode. To that end, it is essential to make sure that there is nothing they could bump their little body on, causing unnecessary stress for both you and your baby.

A simple way to start this process, is by getting on your hands and knees (yes you heard us correctly!) and crawling around your house to find any ground-level risks and hazards to consider, as there is more down there to consider than you may believe.

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Safety must-haves:

☐ Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

☐ Door and cupboard latches and locks

☐ Non-slip pads

☐ Corner bumpers

☐ First aid kit

☐ Safety tassels or cord stops (for curtains and blinds that use looped cords)

☐ Baby gates

Ways to prepare your home:

  • Move furniture in front of low plug sockets.
  • Tuck away or completely hide electrical cables.
  • Move wobbly objects (lamps, TVs, vases, etc.) out of reach or steady them appropriately (e.g., floor lamps behind furniture).
  • Keep smaller household items out of baby’s reach (purses, electricals, baby wipes).
  • Check that none of your plants are dangerous to small children and potted plants are out of reach.
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