How to Create Your Baby's First Christmas Wishlist


Can you believe it's December already? I literally blinked and the year has gone. I also can't believe our youngest will be three in a few months. Time really does seem to fly when you're sleep-deprived. With Christmas in mind, how do you go about creating a wishlist for your baby's very first Christmas? What do they really need and what do parents really want?! Here are a few pointers to give you, your family and friends some ideas for having the best Christmas ever. Hint - it isn't all about the toys!

Recycle and Reuse

With tonnes of plastic heading to landfills each year, it only makes sense to try and recycle and reuse gifts where you can. I personally love to mooch around car boot sales during the summer or charity shops in the winter, searching for little stocking fillers and gifts. You can pick up so many nearly new toys and books for just a few quid. Another place for a bargain is the Facebook marketplace.

The Useful Gift

I'm all for presents that are useful and will help me out as a busy mum. Depending on your baby's age, this could range in terms of what's useful and what's not. Babies grow so fast and that teething toy which was handy last month, is less so this.


I personally love getting clothes for the kids. It means fewer toys, less plastic tatt and beautiful new clothes for the year ahead. It also inspires me to sort out the older jumpers and joggers which they've outgrown. If you're stuck for ideas for your little one, think about a few pieces you might want to treat them to which you wouldn't usually.

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The Gift of Time

There's a running joke in our family when it comes to gifts. All I really ever want is the gift of time. Someone to offer a few hours to babysit or take the kids to the park. If you want to reduce the number of toys, why not ask for time this year.

An Experience

Another lovely idea which I'm all for when it comes to gifting is an experience gift. Perhaps consider a soft play or farm park membership, or tickets to the local zoo. Whatever you enjoy, a day out is so much more memorable than another toy and you can make some really lovely memories. Another experience gift to consider is a professional photoshoot. Capture those early days before they're tearing up the house as toddlers!

Think About the Future

I know it sounds a bit boring but if you're stuck for things to buy your baby, how about opening up a savings or ISA account and asking people to pop their "gift" into that. Your child will undoubtedly thank you for the initiative later!

What will you be buying your baby this Christmas? The first festive period is always lovely but can often come with lots of expectations. Remember to rest when you can, take time for yourself and try not to put too much pressure on yourself. I think we're all guilty of doing that while we strive to create the "perfect" Christmas.

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