How to Decide Between Nursery and Childcare


One decision you may not have even considered properly if you’re unable to have a parent working from home, is whether you want to be putting your baby into a nursery or whether instead, you would use at-home childcare. To help you make your mind up, here is a quick breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of each.


One of the guaranteed benefits of a nursery setting for your child is that it is a great social environment for them to be in with other children their own age, and different stimulants to keep them occupied.

Some of the limitations of a nursery setting however, are that they can be an expensive option, especially if you have multiple children. The set opening hours also means there are limitations to the number of hours parents can work in a day. There is a benefit however, to the open hours drawback, as by having this, it gives your little one a clear introduction to the idea of a routine. With the nursery option, also comes several necessary discussions or thoughts, as you will need to consider whether you want the nursery to be close to home, close to you or your partner’s place of work or whether you want to be travelling long distances to nursery each day.

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With childcare or a childminder, the main benefit found, that is the more intimate and unique an experience your child has, the more of a positive impact this has on their ability to create healthy emotional attachments and relationships with people in future. This is something less likely to happen in a nursery setting.

Some of the benefits parents will notice from a childminder, are that they are more than likely to be cheaper, as well as being able to provide a greater amount of flexibility surrounding your working hours and when you would need to drop off or pick up your child or have them work in your own home.

Some parents also find that childminders are much easier to talk to about their child and consequently, are more at ease about their progress and health, as well as the simple fact of leaving their child with someone they have vetted and can trust.

Whichever option you choose, make sure you think about it carefully. Discussing it with your partner ensures you are both comfortable and prepared.

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