How to Encourage Your Child's Creativity

Top view of a child painting.

Before becoming a parent there were many things I didn't understand about children. (You could argue that that still stands true now!) Something I have learnt, however, is the importance of aiding child development.

Here's how and why you should promote the development of your child's creativity.

Benefits of Using Play to Develop Your Child's Creativity

Creativity isn't just a one-trick pony. There are a great number of benefits that fall under the umbrella of being creative. Let's take an in-depth look at how promoting creativity can benefit different areas of development for your child.

Imaginative Development

Creative play sparks imaginative development as it promotes new ideas, new opportunities and new problems to solve. This could be anything from finding the right size box to make a doll's bed to creating specific role-play scenarios.

Social Development

Creative play is an excellent way of promoting your child's social development. When kids engage with creative toys, their language develops as they create a variety of different scenarios in their imaginations.

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Emotional Development

Creative activities provide a safe space for children to express their emotions, even though they may not actually realise it's happening. Implementing creative play from an early age means expressing their emotions will become second nature.

Physical Development

Engaging in physical creativity can be something as simple as dancing to nursery rhymes, but allowing your child to express themselves physically can have so many different health benefits.

How to Encourage Your Child's Creativity

Creativity is often seen as one of those 'you either have it or you don't' type of things; although that doesn't have to be the case. Creativity can come in many different forms and it's worth exploring with your child as it can bring so many different benefits. Let's take a look at how you can encourage your child's creativity.

Avoid Labelling Your Child as Either 'Creative' or 'Non-creative'

Children can take being labelled as either one way or another very seriously. Deeming them as non-creative could dampen their spirits and put them off from exploring that side of themselves.

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Allow Freedom of Ideas

Children are absolutely full of ideas, and no idea is a bad idea. To dismiss a child's idea is to discredit the idea behind it. Again this might put them off exploring any further ideas and halt them from being creative.

Involve Your Child in Your Passions

You might think that involving your child in your passions might be boring for them, but it really opens up a whole new world for them. Children are naturally curious, so let them into your world, and show them what you're into. Answer their (1000) questions and let their creative juices flow.

Keep it Simple

We've all been there right, you buy your child a toy and they have more enjoyment from the box. That's toddler logic at its finest! It's often the most simple toys that spark the most creativity. Less is more you could say! The less you have to work with, the more creative you need to be. So don't sweat it - Keep it simple!

Ignite the Spark

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to promoting your child's development. Perhaps introducing your child to a creative outlet such as a live theatre performance will ignite the spark.

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