How to Keep Your Pregnancy Morale High

How to Keep Your Pregnancy Morale High

It can be hard to imagine that you may struggle with your morale when pregnant - especially if your baby was planned and longed for. We see magazine images of beautifully dressed bumps, articles on the pregnancy "glow", and are told to look forward to the thick, lustrous hair which will soon be ours... but the reality for lots of pregnant parents is that this all falls really short of anything near enough to keep that joyous feeling elevating us through an entire 9 months.

There are lots of reasons that pregnancy may lead to us feeling miserable and low - morning sickness can be debilitating and even leave you bed-bound for most of the first trimester (or even longer). Pregnancy hormones can have a negative effect on your moods, emotions and even your skin. Clothes start to become tight and uncomfortable, and you may find that your shoes no longer fit due to swelling and fallen arches. The extra weight during pregnancy can lead to exhaustion and shortness of breath, and swollen legs and ankles can make it hard to walk. The body also produces a hormone called relaxin which makes joints loose, which can also cause pain in the pelvis and hips. In short, it can be really tough!

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Here are a few ideas for you to try in order to keep your pregnancy morale high...

  • Get enough rest! Nothing will affect your moods more than sleep deprivation, and believe me when I tell you, you will want to make the most of being able to sleep when you like. Take the naps!
  • Take the weight off and put your feet up and have a movie night with popcorn on the sofa
  • Treat yourself to something you can only do when pregnant... have a pregnancy massage! Lots of salons have mum-to-be packages, let yourself be pampered!
  • Eat ALL the puddings without worrying about putting weight on, it's part of your job!
  • Do a bit of online shopping for a new maternity and nursing wardrobe - make yourself feel better by investing in some nice, comfortable clothes which also look great and make you feel good about yourself!
  • Get a bouncy blow dry - make the most of all that hair!
  • Keep in touch with friends and keep meeting up with them - not many things feel better than a giggle and a chat with someone you love spending time with who also enjoys your company.
  • Join an NCT class - meeting other parents on the same journey at the same stage as you can bring about a lovely support network and take away some of the anxiety of trying to find mum friends once the baby is here.
  • Arm yourself with helpful info - reading blogs and real-life stories and info can often give you much more honest and helpful information than buying a book for new mums.
  • Make sure you take your pregnancy vitamins. If they make you feel sick, take them with food just before bed.
  • Have a babymoon! Use this time to have a break and some time with your partner before the baby arrives.
  • Enjoy nesting... it's not for everyone, but getting things ready for the baby's arrival can really help you to feel much more prepared and relaxed.
  • Try pregnancy yoga - look for a local class or instructor and let the stretches and breathing release those endorphins to help you feel better.
  • Have a go at hypnobirthing - the benefits are not just for during labour, you can use your newfound skills to help you cope during pregnancy too.
  • Take a daily bump picture! Putting them all together in a reel or video can help to show your progress and the amazing work you are doing in growing a new human!
  • Use meditations and manifestations to keep a positive outlook. Remind yourself of the huge task you are accomplishing, the important job you are doing and how successful you have been so far in even getting to this point.

You got this mama!

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