How To Make Camping With Your Children As Stress Free As Possible

Camping with babies and toddlers can be a daunting prospect for any parent. But with a little bit of preparation and a sprinkle of PMA, it can be a really wonderful and memorable experience. 

In this article, we’ll look at 10 top tips to make sure camping with your small humans runs as smoothly and as stress free as possible.

Choose The Right Campsite

Choosing a family-friendly campsite is crucial. Amenities such as toilets, running water and designated cleaning stations are so important when it comes to camping with babies and toddlers. 

Think of the small (but necessary) things… Where can you put dirty nappies? Are there amenities for heating up baby food? Is there running water? Small humans require extra care, so finding a campsite with these necessities is essential, even if you do have to think outside the box a little.

It’s also worth thinking about the distance from the campsite to home. If there are any emergencies, or if things don’t go quite to plan, it’s always handy being not too far from home.

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Meal Plan

I hate meal planning. It’s not something we do as a family, but when it comes to camping with babies and toddlers it’s a necessity. 

Easy to prepare meals are imperative, as are snacks! If your children are anything like mine you’ll want to pack enough snacks to last a week. 

If you’re formula feeding it’s essential you establish a routine for creating filtered hot water, whether this is through the campsite itself (massive bonus) or you have a stove set up with a flask for keeping the water hot. Again, it’s all about thinking a little differently. You might not have the luxury of a kettle or bottle prep machine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt.

Keep An Eye On The Temperature

You’ll be surprised how much the temperature can drop at night time. Even in summer! Keeping your children warm and safe is crucial.

Obviously, the time of year is an important factor for this one. Layering is important too. We like blankets as they can be just as easily thrown off as they are put on. They're much easier than heavier clothing. 

Before your trip, research the temperatures at night to make sure you pack appropriate clothing. And remember, it’s always best to take too much than too little!

Set Up A Safe Sleeping Space

Okay, so this is one of the things I was most worried about. Creating a safe sleeping space for your child is paramount. 

Babies and toddlers can’t sleep on a blow-up mattress the same way we can. They need to have a safe sleeping environment, the same way they would at home. Travel cots are brilliant for making a home from home for your small person. You’ll be able to mimic their bedroom within the tent and create a restful space which hopefully (she says very loosely) leads them to sleep through the night

Keep Them Entertained

How many times a day does your child say that they’re bored? I’ve heard it countless times today already. 

Now, imagine there’s no tv, no games, nothing to keep them entertained. Just sweet mother nature doing her thing.

 It's enjoyable for us, but for the kids, it probably won't quite hit the mark. And that’d make for a very stressful time for all parties! Pack their favourite toys. 

You could even go out shopping together for ‘camping toys’. That way it will get your toddler excited for the new experience they’re about to partake in. We usually take the balance bike, a football and some rackets to keep the kids entertained. Followed by a bit of Mario Kart on the switch in the evening.

Embrace The Craziness Of Camping

Camping isn’t for everyone. I think part of the reason is that it’s so far from normal everyday life for so many of us that it can’t seem enjoyable. But for me, and for so many others, it’s the craziness of it all that makes it great. 

Your kids are going to run wild. They’re going to get messy. They’re probably not going to sleep all that well. But going into it with an open mind (hope for the best, expect the worst) is crucial.

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Follow A Routine (Ish)

A stark contrast to the previous point - yes! But trying to keep things as normal as possible routine-wise is really important. Go in with an open mind, but initiate bedtime at your child’s normal time. See if they’ll go down smoothly. If it works, brilliant! If not, take the chaos for what it is. You’ll be able to reestablish your routine again when you get home.

Prepare For Emergencies

Something I’ve learnt as a mum is to prepare for the unexpected. I’ve been caught out so many times before, but after four years of trying, I think I’m finally getting organised.

Think first aid kits, insect repellent, and suncream. Research where the nearest hospital is. It may sound extreme, but unfortunately, accidents happen, and they can happen at any time. The best (and only) thing we can do is prepare for them.

Make Friends

Camping is a brilliant way for your kids to meet other children and interact socially with them. Chat with other campers, and let your children play together.

It’s a great way to share experiences and learn from others. You’ll probably pick up even more tips and tricks for camping with babies and toddlers. I was surprised when we first started camping by how many tiny humans there were embracing the great outdoors. It's a brilliant, fun for all the family experience.

Live Your Best Care Free Life

Parenting isn’t a relaxing thing. I get that. But by letting go and trying to embrace camping with small people for what it is you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. Try not to let the little things get to you. Let your hair down. Embrace the chaos of camping, and I’m sure you’ll have an incredible time!

Camping with babies and toddlers can be an incredibly rewarding experience. I do, however believe you’ve got to be a little more care free and embrace the experience for what it is. By following these tips, hopefully, you’ll have a stress free camping trip with your wee ones. I say hopefully, as we all know the unpredictability of children! Eeep. Good luck!

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