How To Protect Your Baby on Fireworks Night

If you’re a fireworks lover, then bonfire night is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting nights of the year. Whether you’re getting together with your family and friends to watch your local fireworks display or hosting it at home, there is so much fun to be had! 

That being said - Whatever you’re planning to do this bonfire night, safety always comes first! Below are some tips to help keep your little ones safe while watching the fireworks.

Firework Safety 101 

According to the Child Accident Prevention Trust, sparklers can reach temperatures as high as 2000 degrees Celsius, while a firework can reach speeds of up to 150mph! 

With this in mind it is a good idea to be aware of these basic safety tips:

  • Always follow the instructions that come printed either of the box or in the box when lighting the fireworks 
  • Keep your children at a safe distance away from both bonfires and fireworks
  • Never leave unopened/ unused fireworks near an open flame
  • Never return to a lit firework 
  • Store fireworks in a closed, metal box 
  • Never throw fireworks 
  • Always hold sparklers at an arm's length and wear gloves 
  • Never hold a baby or child while you’re holding a lit sparkler 
  • Do not give sparklers to children under 5 years old 
  • Do not wave sparklers near others (keep a safe distance between adults / children while lit)
  • Once a sparkler has burnt out, place it in a bucket of water
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Keeping Your Baby Safe on Fireworks Night

Keep Your Baby at a Safe Distance 

All public fireworks displays have safety ropes in place to prevent anybody from getting too close. If hosting at home, it is really important to have your own safety restrictions in place. 

If you’re near a bonfire, do not let your baby get too close, as your baby may find the heat uncomfortable. Check the temperature of your baby’s cheeks every so often - if you notice your baby’s cheeks becoming warm, move back. 

If your garden is on the smaller side, it’s best to keep all babies and children indoors. Letting them watch the fireworks through the window is just as fun as being outdoors. Keeping them indoors also means that you’re able to relax and enjoy the display, too, knowing that your baby is safe! 

Keep Your Baby Away From Sparklers

Sparklers are a danger to any children under the age of five.
It is important to keep your baby a safe distance away from anybody with a sparkler. It is a good idea to make sure that all adults and other children around you are aware of the dangers.
The best thing to do is to keep your little one inside with you and let them watch through the window. 

Protect Your Baby's Ears

As pretty as fireworks are, we all know that some fireworks can be really loud. Your little one’s ears are extremely sensitive to loud noises - protecting their hearing is important, here are a couple of ways you can help to prevent hearing damage:

  • Invest in a pair of ear muffs (which will also help keep your little one’s ears warm)/ ear defenders that your baby can wear while you’re watching the fireworks. 
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  • If you’re letting off fireworks at home, keep your little one indoors and let them watch through the window. 
  • If you’re at a local fireworks display and find that the noises are still upsetting your baby, you could head back to your car and let them watch from there. 

Keep Your Baby With You at All Times

On any normal day you wouldn’t leave your baby unattended, but on bonfire night, it’s even more important to keep them close to you.
If you need to pop to the bathroom or help somebody else that’s with you, make sure to leave your baby with a safe adult who is happy to watch your little one while you’re busy.

Whatever you get up to this bonfire night, whether you’re going to your local display or letting some fireworks off at home - keep these tips in mind when it comes to your little one’s safety. 

But, most importantly, have fun and enjoy! 

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