How to Weatherproof Your Pushchair To Ensure Your Baby is Protected Come Rain or Shine

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With summer coming to an end, we caught up with one of the experts at Which?, Verity Mann, to learn more about weatherproofing your pushchair, to ensure your baby is protected come rain or shine.

With the unpredictability of British weather, it's best to be prepared for both a sudden downpour and blinding sunshine when you’re out and about.

But when you've also got a baby and a pushchair in tow, how can you make sure you're prepared for every eventuality, and what accessories should you look for if you're in the market for a new pushchair?

Here we run through what to consider when weatherproofing your pushchair, and the pushchair accessories it’s useful to own.

Ensure Your Pushchair Has a Good Hood or Sun Canopy

Pushchairs almost always come with a hood included. They protect your baby from wind and rain, offer protection from the sun, and block out some of the daylight if your baby needs a snooze in their buggy.

Many hoods now claim to have built-in UV protection to protect your baby's sensitive skin, which is useful as ideally you want to keep babies under six months completely out of direct sunlight.

Look for a pushchair with an extendable hood that can be pulled right over your baby. The amount of cover a hood provides varies – some could leave your child’s lower body unprotected. 

Try extending the hood in the shop to see how noisy it is to use. We’ve found some that are loud enough to disturb a sleeping baby. Also check whether the hood has any windows or mesh panels to provide ventilation in hot weather, but make sure they have a cover so they don’t also let water in when it rains.

You might be tempted to cover your baby’s pushchair in sunny weather, but first read our advice about sun covers and which ones risk overheating your pushchair.

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Invest In a Pushchair Rain Cover

Should the weather turn, a clear plastic rain cover is essential. Check if your pushchair has one included or if it's an optional accessory you can buy from the manufacturer’s website.

You can get universal-fit rain covers for pushchairs if it's not included. We spotted universal rain covers at John Lewis, Amazon and Boots, plus many more – they don’t need to be the same brand as your pushchair to fit.

Rain covers are typically compact to stow away and handy to keep in your changing bag or shopping basket so that they're with you on all journeys. Practise attaching it at home so you’re not having to do it for the first time when it’s pouring down with rain.

After each use, make sure you let them thoroughly air dry before packing them away again.

Other Useful Pushchair Accessories For Weatherproofing

A footmuff or apron is a good option for colder snaps to make sure your baby is kept warm and dry. They tend to have water-repellent material on the outside and fleece lining on the inside to feel extra cosy.

Mosquito nets can be useful for holidays abroad to protect your little one from mosquitos, flies or wasps, while a detachable parasol (such as the Bugaboo umbrella) can protect against the sun by angling it to the best position.

Look out for pushchair handle muffs or hand warmers. These are special gloves that stay attached to the pram or pushchair handle, which you can slip your hands into to keep them toasty.

We've spotted handle muffs for sale at a range of retailers and manufacturers, including JoJo Maman Bebe and Boots.

Consider All-Terrain Pushchair Tyres in Winter

Not just designed with off-road treks in mind, all-terrain tyres can be useful for winter walks when there's ice or snow on the ground or slippery leaves to contend with.

Look for pushchairs with large, rubber air-filled or foam-filled tyres with thick treads that can cope better on slippery surfaces.

Mudguards can be handy to prevent anything splashing back on your legs. However, check they're not too close a fit to the wheels or they could trap debris and mulchy leaves under the mudguard and affect how easy it is to push.

For more practical pushchair buying advice, see our round up of the pushchair features to look out for.

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