How Your Partner Can Help

man and woman holding hands during childbirth

Husbands, partners and significant others, gather round! While your special lady is going through the magical (and painful, stressful, exhausting, and weird) process of pregnancy, you may be feeling rather useless and irrelevant given the miracle of life happening nearby, but don’t worry, here are five simple tips to help you make your other half’s life a great deal easier throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

Have Conversations

Talk to her, listen to her problems, issues, or positives, and support her. Don’t be afraid to contribute to the conversation by sharing your own issues, this can create the sense that you’re in this together, instead of them being all alone. It may be an idea to do some research surrounding some areas of pregnancy (or read this whole book), so that you aren’t left trying to answer questions without any relevant knowledge.

Do The Small Things

Do the washing up, get the milk in, give her a massage if she is aching. There are loads of little things you can do across the day which will not only make their life easier but can also give her a boost by adding these little positives. It doesn’t have to be big or romantic, just things that will take away unnecessary strain or stress.

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Prioritise Her

Make sure you always have time for her, and don’t become too distanced. Know what she wants at different times throughout the pregnancy, ask her what those needs are and be supportive of her and her decisions. Your relationship will be key to keeping her calm throughout the rough days of the pregnancy, so your support and time will be invaluable.

Make Some Memories

Obviously, the further into the pregnancy you get, the fewer options you will have for this, but cherish these last few weeks where it is just you two. Take the time to spend with your partner, whether that is going out and doing things, or spending nice lazy days at home with them. This is a great way to create some positive memories of pregnancy for her, rather than just memories of morning sickness and uncomfortable waddling!

Be Positive

Tell her how well she is doing, or how beautiful she looks that day, or how strong she is being - make sure she knows how proud you are of her, and how much you care. Your support is crucial and as simple as this is, saying things like this can be a great boost to any pregnant woman’s morale.

A great way for your partner to support you is to get involved with writing your birth plan. Read The Honest Midwife's guide to writing yours here.

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