"I'm Still Only 2" - A Poem From an Outcast Toddler


The ‘terrible twos’ – it’s quite a label really isn’t it? Bearing in mind these tiny humans are trying to get a grasp on the world, their feelings, their emotions…and to put it simply: They can’t.

At the age of two, they haven’t yet made those connections within their brain. They are still developing the skills needed to manage their emotions, their impulses and their frustrations. If you are sitting there and thinking, “well my child doesn’t ever fly off the handle”, that’s most likely because their personality is naturally more placid, and NOT because they have become upset and then managed to practise some self-restraint.

All children have moments of anger, embarrassing outbursts or dare I say it – violence. It stands to reason that as adults, we help them through those moments without judging or labelling them…doesn’t it??

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, as we found out ourselves when our 2 year old struggled with the big changes that came with the birth of a new sibling. We had a couple of weeks of really challenging behaviour. By the time September came around and preschool started again, along with a familiar routine – all was back to normal…but not before we had lost an entire friendship group and a few ‘names’ and ‘labels’ had been attached to our child as a result.

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So here is a little reminder – to think carefully before we judge. To consider if our expectations are ‘developmentally appropriate’, and to not forget just how little time they have had to learn….

Which day is the real me, more so than the rest?
The day that feels worse or the day that feels best?

What if I'm capable most of the time
But one day I'm not, and I cross the line

Do you think of the days that I've been a good friend?
Behaved in the best way, right up to the end...

Or do you think of that one time I made the wrong choice?
Did something I shouldn't,
Ignored my inner voice

Which days of my life deserve to be kept,
In the book of your memories and given respect

Am I simply the worst possible version of me?
Is that the true judgement? Who I'm destined to be?

I'd like to think some see the good that I do
After all, I'm just human...
...and I'm still only 2...

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