Improving Your Sleep


Sleep isn’t easy to come by sometimes and quite honestly, since having kids, I don’t think I’ve had more than a handful of good nights of sleep…but I’m trying to make some positive changes.

It might be just being an adult (it’s not just the kids that thieve sleep) but our society is so non-stop, winding down can be really tough.

There are a few things that have helped this tired dad nod off a bit more quickly and get better quality sleep recently. They aren’t magic cures and they don’t cost a fortune, they’re just simple lifestyle choices that make a weird amount of difference.


Now it’s not rocket science, but caffeine too late in the day can have a negative effect on your kipping. It’s so easy to forget when you run on a cocktail of black coffee and…we’ll black coffee. Simply swapping a couple of your coffees for water has made a huge difference to my sleep, and to my surprise, my energy levels.

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Literally, sound like an old man, but multi-vitamins have made such a difference to my sleep. I mean, I think we eat fairly well, but since actually making the effort to routinely take vitamins, I’ve seen an improvement in my quality of sleep. Obviously, taking vitamins doesn’t blank out the din of a crying child or one who thinks it’s morning and it’s really not.


Again, the oldest man ever right here. It’s scientifically proven that reading before bed significantly increases your brain’s ability to switch off and fall into a deeper sleep more quickly. It’s also just really good to have some quiet time for yourself. Great for the soul.


Having some time away from your phone, the tv, tablet, whatever, is so important. Give yourself a chance to disconnect for a bit. Being a parent is manic enough, let alone then sitting and scrolling through how difficult others are finding it. I’m a bit dramatic and I’ve stopped taking my phone upstairs - it’s made a tonne of difference to falling asleep.


I sometimes think routine is a bad thing, but when it comes to sleep, you weirdly adapt to what you get. The more consistent I am, the more I’m able to cope with the sleep I get. Trying to get to bed a decent time is so important (sound like a right dad) and it can be a battle when you’ve had a day of working and you just want to chill…but think about how many hours you’re getting and try to figure out what works for you.

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