Introducing Your Dog to Your Baby


You can prepare your dog for your new baby's arrival long before you give birth which gives you a really good chance of a great relationship between the two.

However friendly your dog may be, you must NEVER leave your little one unattended with them.

Before the baby’s arrival

  • Make a conscious effort to slowly decrease the amount of attention you give your dog throughout the day which will prepare your dog for the inevitable decrease in attention your dog will receive when the baby arrives
  • Play recordings of baby cries and sounds and increase the volume when your dog is not stressed and stays calm
  • If your dog displays any sort of aggressive behaviour you should consult a dog trainer. 

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After the baby’s arrival

  • Once your baby is born bring home an item that your baby wore in the hospital to get your dog used to the smell of your new baby
  • Let your dog smell and greet everyone before bringing the baby inside
  • If you have multiple pets they should all meet the baby at the same time
  • Allow your dog to adjust to the smell, sight and sound of the baby for a few days before they are allowed closer
  • After a few days allow the dog to sniff the baby while petting and praising your dog 
  • Always allow the dog to approach you and the baby not the other way round
  • Give your dog plenty of attention when the baby is there
  • Make sure your dog has a safe space – a crate, a bed etc. where he or she can go when the activity is too much for him or her. Little ones should not be allowed to “invade” the dog’s safe space
  • Watch for signs that your dog is stressed. These include panting, freezing and tense body language. 
  • Do not punish warning signs otherwise, your dog may go directly to overt aggression without a warning next time.

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