Joie i-Spin XL Review

baby in joie car seat

This car seat review of the Joie i-Spin XL multi-age car seat was done by Charlie. He is a dad of one 12 month old girl and Head of UK Partnerships at Your Baby Club, and he drives an Audi RS4 .


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Pros & Cons

  • Looks incredibly comfortable
  • 360 spin makes it super easy to get baby in and out
  • Very sturdy and safe feeling
  • Really easy to use adjustment system and harness
  • Has a recliner feature
  • Lasts from birth up to twelve years old so ends up good value
  • Easy to use Isofix indicators (others I've used have been hard to check if properly fitted)
  • Isofix guides included for cars that need them (the car I put it in has these but not all do)
  • Side impact protection arms are a nice touch as they provide that feeling of extra safety
  • Nice colour scheme (I went with Carbon)
  • No shortage of padding which makes it look very comfortable & safe / secure
  • It is heavy as it's a large seat
  • Due to size, it was a tight fit in my car which is an estate, I'm also not tall and it was still a squeeze behind me
  • Due to being 360 spin it doesn't detach from base


  • Guard Surround Safety™ pod for optimal side impact protection
  • 360º seat rotation
  • Swivel lock off on either side of the base prevents you from turning the car seat forward facing
  • Built-in side and back ventilation enhances airflow for the child
  • 5-point harness with shoulder and lower buckle covers easily tighten with one pull motion
  • Reinforced steel shell for structural integrity in a crash

Specifications, Weights & Dimensions

Child Age Suitability:

Newborn to 36kg (0 to around 12 years)

Stage Group:

Group 0+/1/2/3

Car Seat Dimensions:

Forward facing: L54.5cm x W 52.5cm x H 85cm / Rear facing: L 69.5cm x W 52.5cm x H 71.5cm

Car Seat Weight, including Base:

14.5 kg

Facing position:

Forward, Rear, Swivel

Installation Type:


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What's in the box

  • Car Seat
  • Isofix Indicators
  • Newborn Insert
  • Base
  • Manual

Colour Options

  • Oyster
  • Eclipse
  • Pine
  • Carbon

The Parent Test

First Impressions

My immediate impression is that this seat is very safe and comfortable for my baby.

The seat comes with side protection arms which are attached near the top and add that extra layer of safety. We've now been using it heavily for a couple of months, and everything still works as it should and is still in perfect condition, so it's certainly durable. The seat covers you from birth up to 12 years old.

Installing it wasn't as straightforward as ones that detach from the base; however, this is only because the seat is slightly in the way in my car, but it's really just a minor issue. The whole thing is full of different padding, and really secure and comfortable straps (the pads are also fixed in place, which is a nice touch as they don't slide out of place!).

Comfort and Ease of Use

It is quite heavy, as I already mentioned, but, once it's in, it's really easy to use. The spin function can be used with one hand making it ideal when you have a screaming baby in the other!!

The fabric is really nice and breathable and feels premium. The car seat has a handy recline feature, and although I haven't personally been able to test how far this goes back due to my car being an estate, this would be a great additional feature for parents to use.

Compatibility With Car and Pram

It isn't designed for use with pushchairs, as it's for cars only. It has Isofix and seat belt options as well as guides to help fit the Isofix points, and fits in the vast majority of vehicles. It fits well in my car, but was a little bit tight behind me- however, I’m sure this will be very much dependent on what car you have.

Safety Features

The Isofix indicators are very easy to read and extremely visible (this is a nice surprise as others I've had have been relatively hidden away!). The Isofix is on a base but this is not detachable. The five-point harness is really easy to use and the shoulder pads are fixed in place, which means they are always in the right position (I found this feature particularly helpful). There are also magnets to hold the straps out of the way when needed. As it's a 360 spin it can be faced front or back, depending on your child's age.

Value for Money

Everything you need is included here. It's quite pricey, but a great investment as it lasts until your child is about 12 years old.

Final thoughts on the Joie i-Spin XL

This car seat is better than any other I've tested and used in the past. It was great for my baby and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, but just double check your car has enough space!

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Joie i-Spin XL Car Seat:: £375

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