Junior Jones J-SPIRIT Stroller Review


The JuniorJones J-SPIRIT Stroller is a stylish stroller suitable from birth to 22kg, the TRU-RIDE 2 Technology ensures your baby gets as smooth a ride as possible with an 'effortless push experience' to make it smooth for all you parents too! Its swing-away bumper ensures you can easily access your little one for either lifting them out or into the stroller, and the adjustable handle means parents can be comfortable and in control at all times.


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Best for?

City - High manoeuvrability and easily folded with suspension capable of handling kerbs without difficulty.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Suspension
  • Well-made
  • Quality Fabric
  • Folding could be easier
  • Basket Space


  • TRU-RIDE 2 Suspension Technology
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Fixed or Swivel Wheels
  • Puncture Resistant Tyres
  • Adjustable hood height
  • 5 point safety harness

Specifications, Weights & Dimensions

Length: (Unfolded)

720mm/Folded - 290mm



Height: (Unfolded)

950-1080mm/Folded - 660mm



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What's in the box

  • The chassis
  • Seat Unit
  • Rear wheels
  • Bumper bar
  • Raincover

Colour Options

  • Frost Grey
  • Graphite Black
  • Insignia Navy

Accessories Available

  • Carrycot
  • Changing Bag
  • Luxury Stroller Apron
  • Cup Holder
  • J-BOARD - Ride on Board
  • Thermal Shopping Basket

The Parent Test

Hello, I'm Leah, a busy mum of three. Living in a town and being a non-driver means a good pram is at the top of our essential list. Something that can keep up with our busy lifestyle but that is also compact enough to store in the house. Having a pram that we could whip around a supermarket in a rush and that can also carry a fair amount of shopping is what I try to look out for.

First Impressions

The Junior Jones J-Spirit Stroller was delivered in one very sturdy and well-packed box. Neatly inside the box was the main seat unit, chassis, bumper bar, removable rear wheels and the rain cover. Pulling the pram out from the protective bag it was immediately clear how good the fabric quality was on the seat unit. The seat unit was well padded with soft, quality fabric and the hood was lovely and thick with the added addition of a mesh ventilation panel for those warmer days.

The pram arrives with the seat unit already attached to the chassis. The seat unit is removable and parent or world facing; although figuring out how to remove the seat unit is not exactly clear and can be a bit of a faff. Luckily I have a few years of experience with prams so after a little play around it became apparent how to remove the seat however I think I would've struggled to figure it out as a first-time mum - But there are video tutorials online so it's not all bad.

The chassis is lovely and sturdy and the suspension on the pram is excellent - probably the best I've seen on a pram. There was a rogue screw that fell from the chassis when I unfolded the pram but I can not see where it could've come from and it hasn't affected the stroller in any way.

The Junior Jones J-Sprit stroller is extremely smooth to push on both smooth and bumpy ground, the suspension really comes into its own when going over bumps or up/down kerbs and boundaries.

We took the pram out shopping, on public transport and on park trips. The pram can be pushed with ease with one or two hands and the break is very easy to apply but listening out for the 'click' just to make sure it is applied properly is something I would advise. The pram is suitable from birth to 22kg.



The Junior Jones J-spirit stroller is an excellent size. It manoeuvres well on and off public transport and the adjustable handle height means it can be lowered to give a little bit more space in tight corners although we managed quite well. The pram is quite lightweight only weighing 9.3kg so lifting up and down curbs and steps can be done with ease. I managed to carry it (folded) up a flight of stairs without struggling so lifting it in and out of a car should be fine. The pram is 540mm wide, it has tackled some tight corners very well whilst we've been out shopping.

Folding, Unfolding, Storage & Lifting

The J-Spirit stroller can be folded with the seat attached whether it is parent facing or world facing, it has a compact fold so can be stored quite easily even in the busiest of homes. The pram when folded is only 540mm wide and 660mm in height.

It would be impossible to fold/unfold this pram with one hand and it isn't the fastest folder/un-folder either especially with a toddler running around; so that may be something to bear in mind. Figuring out how to collapse the pram can be quite tricky at first but it isn't so bad once you've done it a few times. The pram when folded has two little clips that the front wheels slot into, sometimes the wheels don't align with the clips so have to be turned by hand to slot into place - which isn't the best when the wheels are wet or a little muddy. Also, these wheel clips are the only thing that keeps the pram folded. I've found the wheels can come out of the clips quite easily which means the chassis will click open and has to be folded again.

The rain cover for the pram is the best I’ve come across. It fastens to the chassis with a toggle and elastic hoop and by a velcro strip at the back. It is very sturdy when attached but can take a little minute to fasten the toggles but is definitely worth it. The rain cover also has two zips on either side at the front meaning it can be rolled up and fastened with a toggle at the top to keep it secure, This made things much easier during unpredictable weather as it meant the rain cover can stay attached but the little one could still get fresh air during those quick-dry spells.


Travel System Component Change

The pram if bought with a carrycot will come with the adaptors needed for a car seat, if not these can be bought as an accessory. The JuniorJones website states the following tested and approved range of Group 0+ car seats are compatible with the J-Spirit stroller:

- Cybex Aton 5
- Cybex Cloud Q
- Cybex Cloud Z
- Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix
- Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus
- Recaro Privia
- Besafe Izi Go
- Besafe Izi Go Modular X1 iSize

Comfort & Ease of Use

The Junior Jones J-Spirit stroller has a leatherette handlebar which makes it very comfortable to push. The handle height can be adjusted with a quick roll of the hand which makes it easy for people of various heights to push. The front wheels can be set to a locked or swivel position by a simple turn handle above the wheels, which makes it so much easier to do whilst on the go.

The Seat has a removable panel on the back of the seat which is fixed with strong magnets. Removing the back panel gives you access to two sets of levers. One set adjusts the height of the straps and headrest which makes it a breeze compared to other prams I’ve had. The other set of levers adjusts the height of the hood which I’ve found absolutely fantastic alongside the strap and headrest adjustment. This means the stroller can grow throughout the years with your child which will not only save you a fortune on other strollers but will also ensure your child is always comfortable without space being compromised.

The stroller can be laid flat so those little mid-walk snoozes can be done in comfort for your little one. The fabric on the pram is of beautiful quality and the seat unit is soft and padded. The pram has a 5 point harness and adjusting the straps is done easily with a quick slide of the adjustors. The pram comes with padded chest pads for the straps which fasten with Velcro.



The Pram has an adjustable 5 point harness and a removable swivel bumper bar across the seat. The break on the pram is flip-flop friendly which makes it very easy to apply just make sure you listen out for the 'click' to ensure it's on.


The Basket

The J-Spirt has a good-sized basket for those everyday essentials, But if you are looking for a pram that can carry a lot of shopping the basket might be an issue. I found whilst using the pram if I placed something into the basket from the back it would sometimes push other things out of the front side of the basket.



The Junior Jones J-Spirit retails at £679.99. Which includes the chassis, main seat unit and rain cover. Other items such as a carrycot and cup holder can be purchased separately.

You can also buy this as a bundle including the carrycot also for £799.

Final Thoughts

Overall the J-Spirit is an excellent stroller and I would highly recommend it. There are a few cons as mentioned but I feel like the Pros of this pram strongly outweigh them. I think this stroller would be best suited for those who drive or do not have to lug shopping around on a pram. Myself and my Son have loved testing the J-Spirit.

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