Labour Worries


So now I only have roughly 10 weeks left to go the real worry is setting in......the labour!!

Being a first-time mum all my thoughts are on this subject now as I have no idea what to expect, what do I take? When will I go into labour? How long will my labour be? Is my husband going to be with me because of covid? Will I be able to cope with the pain? Will I get the birth I'm hoping for? There are so many worries going through my head and the more I read about it the more I think about and worry about it. 

The other part is when will it happen, will I go into labour on my own? Will I have to be induced? Will I have to have a c-section? Will it be in the middle of the night? Will it happen in the day?  Will anyone be around when it happens?  for me, I have super high anxiety so all these questions I have I know are normal questions for any mum but it's all I think about now.  The main thing I tell myself when I get myself all worked up is as long as baby gets here safe that's all that matters, but for a planner like me, it doesn't make my anxiety any easier haha. 

The labour I'm hoping for is a water birth, all-natural with only gas and air.  I'm worried though because if I have to be induced I'm not sure if you can have a water birth, so many questions running through my mind. 

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Because of covid there is not as much option to look around the hospital, have a chat with the midwife, speak to friends, it kind of makes you feel so isolated and like you are doing it alone with no professional help, my husband is here but he is just as in the dark as I am. 

My other worry is after the birth, with all the restrictions at the moment I keep hearing different things about how long your partner can stay, if I have to have a c-section will I be able to tend to my new baby? How long will I have to stay in hospital? these are the two biggest things for me, it would break my heart if I couldn't get to my new son easily and comfort him. if I have to stay in the hospital for a few days and we are not allowed visitors I will be alone without my husband, for me it will be heartbreaking not being able to tend to him but also my husband not being able to spend those first precious days with his son. I'm sure the midwives are going to be amazing I don't doubt that for one second but they are not there to slave after you and I wouldn't want to keep bothering them when I'm sure they have many other labouring mums to deal with. 

For me I completely understand covid has its restrictions and things have to be done a certain way but healthcare should be something that you are always getting consistently, being worried or having questions should be something no one has to go through with any type of medical worry. fingers crossed I can go through it all smoothly even if I don't have a clue.

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