Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

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Just because you are pregnant does not mean that you are not able to dress up for Halloween. Halloween is something which has become really popular in the UK in the last decade or something. Recently there has been a trend to use your bump when you are pregnant. With this pregnancy, I am still going to be pregnant over Halloween which has prompted me to look at how I can incorporate my bump into the costume this year.

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Now you can actually purchase some of the outfits instead of having to make them. Which is great if like me you are not the ultimate Pinterest queen. I am going to be sharing some of the outfits which I love should you be a bit better at making things than me.


I think one of my favourite ones which I have seen is a basic long-sleeved bodycon dress with a skeleton outline. This is something which is not too scary and I think this is something which you could wear any time during your pregnancy. 

Skeleton pregnancy halloween costume
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You do not have to have a complete outfit if you do not want you can have something simple like a t-shirt. While I was browsing, I actually noticed that there was a t-shirt which I would love. It was on Amazon, however; I am sure this is something which you could purchase from somewhere else. It is a t-shirt which has a picture of the ribs and a heart where your own heart is. Then at the bottom, there is a picture of a baby which is like the one which you would see on the ultrasound. I thought this would be nice and subtle and of course, you could wear this after Halloween.  

Maternity Pregnant halloween costume pumpkin
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Of course, if you do not want to spend too much money, of course, you can make your own. I am going to be sharing some of the ones which I love. If you are very creative and can draw why not draw a pumpkin on a white shirt. I have usually seen these on the bump. Of course, you could always use an old white t-shirt. This for sure is one which I would be doing if I could draw. If you have a large bump you could incorporate the whole bump into the outfit. This would be great if you are towards the end of your pregnancy.

maternity halloween eyeball costume
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You could make your bump into an eyeball this is simply done. You can get the body paint if you are feeling brave and want to do the art on your bump. If like me you are not too brave to wear a white t-shirt. You can make the middle of the eye any colour you want to. By making lines in red you will have the eye looking realistic by having veins. I do not think this is something which would be hard to. Of course, this is one which would look pretty cool.

maternity pregnancy halloween costume humpty dumpty
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Humpty Dumpty

When searching on Pinterest I have seen a few which have been Humpty Dumpty. This is a super simple one which is effective. I am unsure what this really has to do with Halloween though. You wear a blue t-shirt which you draw Humpty Dumpty on to as this is only a circle this is not going to be super hard. Pair this with some red leggings or trousers which you could do a brick pattern on. If you are feeling super creative you could even make his legs in order for them to dangle down.

maternity pregnancy halloween costume Mummy
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You could go retro and turn yourself into a mummy you could use bandages or toilet roll. Of course, this is completely up to you. All you are going to need is a white t-shirt and a way of being able to attach the bandages/ tissues to your bump. You could even make eyes so it makes like something is popping out to make it a little bit spookier. If Jess does want to go out trick or treating I think I may have to do this costume. I know we have more than enough bandages in this house to be able to do this.

halloween maternity pregnant escaping baby
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Escaping Baby

I think one of my favourites which I have seen online is on which can only be described as an escaping baby. This is another one which I think would be super simple all you need is a doll which you are not afraid of cutting up and some way of being able to attach this to a white t-shirt. I am unsure if you would be able to glue them on maybe if you have a hot glue gun. You need to put the doll's face in the inside of the t-shirt and then have two arms and maybe one leg on the outside of the t-shirt. You may want to get some red paint or lipstick so you can make it look like blood. From where the baby has escaped through the bump.

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