Lejoux Stroller Review

LeJoux Stroller Review

Got an upcoming family holiday? The Lejoux Travel Stroller is a very compact, lightweight pram, making it easily transportable through airports, planes and hotel lobbies. Despite its small size, the Lejoux is sturdy and of good quality. The adjustable canopy provides ample shade for your little one. The storage basket underneath is surprisingly spacious, perfect for placing rucksacks and coats to save you from carrying them around an airport or the city.

Available in 7 different colourways and suitable for babies aged 6 months to 4 years old, the Lejoux lightweight stroller is an excellent option for parents wanting something compact for their car boot or day outings and great for holidays and public transport.


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Best For?

Travel - lightweight, compact strollers designed to be folded and stored easily. Many travel prams are cabin-approved for air travel. They are also great for short trips and city breaks, as they take up very little space. Being compact makes them perfect for storing in hotel rooms, small car boots, or for those living in the city or with limited storage space.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight, sturdy, great off-road
  • Good size storage, clever space/weight saving features
  • Effortless steering one or 2-handed
  • Fits easily in overhead locker on a plane
  • A variety of accessories as standard, including a rain cover, cup holder and mosquito net
  • Bigger than other lightweight strollers on the market; however, this gives it a high quality & safe feel


  • Extendable handle to pull along when folded
  • Airline cabin friendly
  • Large storage basket
  • Memory foam insert
  • 2-second one-handed fold
  • 5-point harness
  • Rain cover, cup holder and mosquito net included
  • Storage bag
  • Suitable for up to 15kg
  • Lay flat, fully reclining seat

Specifications, Weights & Dimensions


Up to 15kg (approximately 3-4 years old)

Total weight:


Size when folded:

L60 x W42 x H26cm

Size unfolded:

L66 x W42 x H98cm

Seat width


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What's in the box

Lejoux Accessories
  • Protective carry bag
  • Rain Cover
  • Cup/bottle holder
  • Manual
  • Stroller
  • Memory foam seat liner
  • Mosquito net

Colour Options

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green

Accessories Available

As well as the accessories included in the box, you can also get the following: Umbrella, Bag Clips, Buggy Board, Foot Muff Cozytoes, Breathable Baby Seat Cushion, Hanging Stroller Bag, Stroller Hand Muff, Twin Clip Connectors, High-Quality Carry Bag, Chunky Bag Clip and Winter Cover.

The Parent Test

The Lejoux baby pushchair was reviewed by Charlie and Emma, parents to Ayla, who is now five months old. They live in Surrey with their French Bulldog named Peanut and regularly go for long walks, so an off-road stroller is necessary! They love travelling abroad and around in their Audi RS4. They put the Lejoux Stroller to the test on their holiday to Lanzarote, and here are their thoughts:

First Impressions

Our immediate thoughts were the lovely colour scheme (blue & brown), and everything felt well made. Regarding accessories, we chose the extra umbrella and carry bag that doubles as a rucksack. It has a really cool extendable handle that means it can be wheeled around like a suitcase once folded. This works brilliantly when the stroller is not in use but also doubles as the footrest for the baby when in use! It's a very clever idea and works well. It came ready-built and came with a bunch of extra accessories.

At just 8kg, we were impressed with the compact size and liked that Ayla could use it from 6 months until she was 3/4, meaning we will be taking it on lots of holidays to come, as well as everyday use and quick trips around London. It will also be great for the school run once Ayla is older. We have tried a few other travel prams, larger strollers and travel systems and loved the size and ease of storage this stroller had. It was easy folding and even fit in the overhead lockers on the plane, so we didn't have to wait around for it to be off-loaded with the luggage. We were surprised by how well it performed off-road too.

Lejoux Impressions


This stroller by Lejoux has 360-degree swivel wheels at the front, making great handling and easily steered with one hand. It moves smoothly and was way better off-road than expected, meaning our baby was always comfortable! The stroller was nice and light, as expected from a lightweight stroller designed for travel. However, it also feels sturdy and well-built rather than cheap and flimsy. It was light enough to easily lift easily into the overhead lockers and in and out of the car. It can count as hand luggage on most airlines to be stowed (prams are usually free and added as an extra piece of hand luggage when you travel with a baby on most airlines). This meant we could use it all around the airport, weave between other travellers and then the stroller could be wheeled onto the plane and down the aisle easily, even with a baby strapped in.

Travelling with a baby can be challenging, but thanks to the carry bag and extendable handle, the Lejoux made travel a breeze. We took it everywhere with us whilst on holiday and, once home, used it on a few shopping trips and loved how easy it was to manoeuvre down the shop aisles.

Lejoux Manoeuvrability 01 Lejoux Manoeuvrability 02

Folding, Unfolding, Storage & Lifting

Folding & unfolding was nice and easy. However, a bit of a knack was needed to get it locked in place on the unfold. We found using your foot on the crossbar where the break is to hold it down can help to open it up. It also requires a bit of a flick of the wrist for the one-button easy fold, but once you get the hang of it, it's fine and can be folded and unfolded in a few seconds. Generally, it's easy to do with one hand, which is excellent.

It folds down compactly, small enough to store in the overhead lockers on a plane, which was handy, and even fits in the footwell of the car in the back seats. It came with a carry bag, meaning we could carry it as a backpack. It helps protect the fabric if you check it in with the other hold luggage and keep it out of sight when storing it at home.

The stroller from Lejoux is a little heavy for a lightweight stroller at 8.5kg, which is almost 2kg above the average weight of lightweight strollers; however, as it has an extendable handle to wheel it around, you don't notice the weight.

Lejoux Folding 01 Lejoux Folding 02

Comfort & Ease of Use

The padding on the Lejoux seat was a little thin for our baby; however, we opted for the additional seat pad accessory to add a bit of extra comfort. This made a big difference, and Ayda was always very comfortable in the stroller. She wasn't too hot or cold, and she regularly fell asleep in it when we were out and seemed to enjoy being in there.

In the fully adjustable seat, the backrest can be put into a lie-flat position using a toggle to loosen and tighten a strap that holds the seat upright. In full lie flat, the retractable sun canopy features a roll-up flap that reveals a breathable mesh window that allows good ventilation when you're out in the sun while the baby is sleeping. The sun canopy unzips to expand lower for better UV protection, shelter from the sun, and shading to help the baby sleep.

Other great features of the Lejoux baby pushchair include the dual suspension wheels, making it a smooth ride, even on rough terrain, which was very surprising for a travel stroller. The chassis of the stroller features a footrest for older children. At the same time, the seat unit had an adjustable footrest, thanks to the extendable handle, which also doubles as the leg rest support - an incredibly clever design. This means that when baby is sleeping, their feet and legs are also supported, and for the younger babies from 6m, their legs are also supported when sitting upright.

The Lejoux bumper bar on the front can be opened using the button at the front and claims to have an anti-pinch design. This functionality means you can easily put the baby into the stroller without the bumper bar getting in the way, as we've experienced on other compact stroller models that you have to unclip from the side.

We liked that you also got a cup/bottle holder to attach to the frame, meaning you can still enjoy a coffee or keep the baby's water bottle safe from spilling. Another attachment that seemed like a good idea to help with the future was the clips that connect two Lejoux strollers together, which would be perfect if you have two children under 4.

Lejoux Comfort 01 Lejoux Comfort 02


The five-point harness is secure and easy to adjust. The comfort pads didn't get in the way as some do, and the shoulder straps were easy to adjust as your child grows. The five-point harness undoes with just one push of a button, but it's quite a stiff button, meaning it wouldn't be easy for babies to unbuckle themselves - a win for sure!

The brake is simple to use and holds it securely. It is just a single lever and is flip-flop friendly.

Lejoux Safety


The Lejoux has a surprisingly good-sized basket for a compact baby stroller. We managed to store plenty in there, including changing bags, water bottles, food etc. The basket can also be accessed easily from both the front and back. We think the basket is one of the main features of this stroller.

Lejoux Basket


The Lejoux pram seems a good price at under £150 for the stroller and accessories like the rain cover, which is very reasonable.         

Final Thoughts

We got this stroller from Lejoux because we needed a small & lightweight stroller to be stored in an overhead locker on a plane for our first family holiday to Lanzarote. This ticked all the boxes whilst also being good value! Not only was it easy to use, small & light, but it coped well with some very harsh use, including quite bumpy off-road tracks. This was very surprising! On top of this, it also fits perfectly in the overhead locker and the car, so it did what was promised and more. Highly recommended.

Lejoux Final

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