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I was asked to review a Lovevery Play Kit. The idea is that you choose a specific box that relates to your child's age so that it is tailored to their developmental needs at that moment in time. The boxes are available at three monthly segments, so that it follows the progress your child makes as they get older. My daughter's age meant that the box we selected was "The Storyteller Play Kit" which is designed for children aged from 40 - 42 months.

This play kit was reviewed by Thomas, a dad in his 40s living in Brighton. His little one is 3 years old.

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First Impressions

The product came beautifully presented in various neat, colourful boxes. A handy guide explains how to use the playthings and how the activities aid your child’s developmental needs.

Ease of Use

The kit consisted of several items which varied in terms of their ease of use. The intention is for you to engage with your child whilst undertaking the activities. For this reason some aspects would be hard for the child to carry out by themselves, eg. the fort would be too complicated for a child of the relevant age to construct alone, however, as a joint activity Nell enjoyed the process (as did I!). Once constructed, Nell could play more independently with puppets if preferred. The same could be said for the other items, Nell enjoyed playing with these both with myself and independently once they'd been setup and explained.

Storage and Portability

The kit will take up a fair bit of space if you have everything on the go at the same time. However, each item can be used independently, so you could easily pack away those not in use. A storage sack or similar would’ve been useful as the cardboard boxes wouldn't withstand prolonged use or transit.

Easy of Cleaning

It would seem that all of the individual aspects of the kit would be pretty easy to clean and maintain. The jigsaw and mop could be wiped clean and the cover for the fort appears sturdy enough to be washed if required.


What makes this product unique is the fact that it has been specifically designed with a certain age group in mind. This means that your child should be learning and developing vital skills and emotions as they play, and the reasonings behind this can be found in the guide.

Some of the toys are have multiple uses too - eg. the fort could also be made into a den or a play house and the jigsaw has a different game on each side - which improves longevity of use and retains interest.

Value for Money

The Play Kit is a premium priced item, particularly if you were to buy them at three-monthly intervals as intended. The design and packaging does have a high-end look but there’s no doubt that you could buy similar items separately for a lower price, albeit without the developmental insight.

Final Thoughts

The Lovevery Play Kit is a great way of spending fun time together with your child whilst they are learning and developing new skills and behaviours. It is really thoughtfully put together and very nicely presented and the guide book shows the ideas and insight behind each activity. However, it is an expensive option and I'm not convinced that my daughter would have retained her interest in the product for it to last the three months until the next box were to arrive.

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