MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles Review

MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles Review

Feeding is a great early opportunity for bonding with your little one. If you choose to include bottles in your little one’s feeding journey, then finding the right bottles is essential. This is why MAM have set out to make sure that you have everything you need with their MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Self Sterilising Bottles 17 Piece Set.

This MAM Bottles set includes their Easy Start Anti-Colic bottles, featuring MAM’s patented vented base, which allows babies to feed comfortably without swallowing in air, helping to reduce 80% of colic symptoms. This comes in addition to their SkinSoft™ breast-like teats which provide a familiar feeling for babies and allows them to feed with the same roll-tongue action as they would when feeding from a breast leading to a more successful feed. On top of all these features, the headline factor in what makes these bottles so good is their unique self-sterilising function, which takes as little as three minutes to keep your bottles safe and sterile even on the go!

To test just how good this set is for new parents, we sent our blogger Alice Howells a set to test, try and review for the benefit of all of you curious parents out there and to give the full lowdown on just how good the MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Bottles actually are.

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Product and Packaging

The MAM Easy Start came with everything Alice could have wanted to start her off with the bottles, the 17 pieces that make up this bottle set making sure that Alice was prepared for every scenario once she got using them.

I loved the fact that the pack came with 4x smaller bottles, 4x larger bottle bodies, a soother, handles, 4x size 1 teats and 1x soft spout”

the pack came with everything you may need”

“The colour (cream) is a personal preference, it may have not been my first choice if I was buying a MAM bottle, but it is a fantastic colour if you were waiting on your baby’s arrival to find out the gender.”

The set comes well packaged so all your products are in top condition and ready to be used straight away


Alice’s time using these MAM bottles was a huge success! “when the baby was born she was a small baby and was only on the 2nd Centile, so we had to be very careful for her not to lose too much weight…after a few tries with feeding our daughter she took to the bottles well and she was drinking more every time.”

The bottle was very easy to review, as there aren't many downfalls. I loved the way that you can sterilise up to 6 bottles in the microwave without any other equipment. The handy measurements on the side of the lid made it so easy to fill up the base with the correct amount of water to be sterilised.

The impact the bottles had on her baby’s feeding was clear for her to see, specifically, thanks to the MAM patented vented base. “she looked more comfortable after her bottles and she began to bring up more of her wind, and we could only put this down to the bottles and the way that the MAM bottles have the holes in the bottom to release the air.”

“The convenience of having the bottles separate made it easier to wash the bottles which I was surprised about”

Something Alice found which she wasn’t such a fan of was the rubber disk used at the bottom of the bottle.

“unless you really scrub the disk using a small brush, some milk residue is left in the bottom. Although this wasn’t a problem when myself or my husband washed the bottles, I feel that if someone else didn’t know to scrub them using the brush, milk would have been left in the ridges.”

“if the rubber disk wasn’t positioned correctly then the bottle would leak” which was something she encountered on a few occasions.

The bottle comes with ultra-handy measurements on the side in both millilitres and ounces to help you measure your baby's intake
The bottles can be separated into their individual sections, allowing for easy cleaning whenever they need it


As the name suggests, these bottles are ‘Anti-Colic’ thanks to MAM’s unique vented base. These ventilation holes help to regulate pressure balance and airflow, and as the bottle ventilates via the bottom, milk can flow undisturbed and without air bubbles, allowing babies to feed without interruption. Market research and medical studies suggest that the enhanced vented base is able to reduce colic symptoms in 80 per cent of babies who use it. The result means no more air swallowing, more relaxed drinking and less colic. This was something that Alice found to really benefit her little one during her time with the bottles.

After a week she was fully on the MAM bottles and we noticed a dramatic change in her, she was drinking a lot more milk and was bringing up her wind and in general look more comfortable. She was putting on weight and was looking healthy.”

“I didn’t find any issues with colic when using these bottles and baby took to the bottles without any issues.” a definite plus for any parent needing some quiet time.

One of the headline features of the MAM Easy Start bottle is its ability to self-sterilise, and in under three minutes! Although she couldn’t test this while on the go due to COVID, Alice did see just how beneficial this feature is for her day to day life as a mum, saying:

“We have never looked back. And have now brought her more bottles and have now got a microwave steriliser for when we are at home, but also find it very convenient to be able to sterilise one or two bottles at a time if needed without having to use the microwave steriliser.”

“the option to sterilise while out is fantastic, as then you wouldn’t have to worry about taking hundreds of bottles with you when visiting relatives or taking everything apart from the kitchen sink if you were going away, as, as long as you had a microwave then sterilising the bottles are as easy as pie.”

The other great feature of the MAM Easy Start bottles is the teats, which come with a 94% acceptance rate. Made from SkinSoft™ silicone, the MAM teats are designed to feel just like mum, letting your baby feed with the same roll-tongue movement that they would use when feeding from the breast. Available in different flow rates to suit the stage of your child, this set includes slow and medium flow rates to get you started, and on top of that, these teats can be interchanged with any bottle in the MAM range, meaning you can make your entire bottle collection as effective as possible for your little one simply by having this handy addition.

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Alice’s Overall Thoughts

I generally loved the bottle. The self-sterilising option makes the bottle stand out from the rest, and the way that the bottle can be broken down into 6 parts makes washing the bottle a lot easier, although quite time-consuming.”

“I found these bottles easy and convenient. The starter set comes with everything you may need when first introducing a bottle to your baby, you can never be too certain what sort of bottle they will like, so by buying a starter set, you can be assured that you have everything to get you started before spending a small fortune on the bottles that your little one has decided that they like.”

The starter set is definitely a great buy for any parents as it came with everything you need without spending a fortune on separate sterilisers or bigger bottles.”

Like Alice, we believe the MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti-Colic Bottle Set is an absolute must-have for any parent looking to introduce bottle feeding into their little one’s journey both at home and on the go. With options for every scenario, whether that’s thanks to the self-sterilisation features, the SkinSoft™ silicone teats, or the MAM patented vented base, parents will be ready and able to keep their baby ready and fed wherever they may be, and with everything that is included in the 17-piece set, you’ll be equipped for whatever stage of the feeding journey your little one is on.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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