My Daughter Keeps Asking for a Sibling


“Mummy when will my baby sister be here?” A question I’m hearing from Little Miss H almost daily! She will be 3 in September and for the last few months, she’s been asking for a baby sister! I’ll give the girl her due, she knows exactly what she wants! To the point that she’s actually been telling people that mummy is getting her a baby sister and I’ve actually had people congratulate me on my pregnancy or ask when I’m due when she tells people that we meet in the library at Rhyme Time or you know, just the random old lady in Tesco’s, which has left me with the red face and the awkward laugh followed by the I’m not actually pregnant and having to explain that she’s just desperate to be a big sister….kids eh! Each and every time the reply is "well, you best get a move on then"….yeah thanks, I’ll get right onto that!

After we had Little Miss H, we both knew that one day we would love to have more children, but we both agreed that we wanted to leave a bit of an age gap and enjoy being a family of three and make special memories with her. Which we feel like we have done now, we also agreed that if we couldn’t have more children, then we would be happy and forever grateful as we got Heidi and we never thought we’d get her.

However, Little Miss H is giving us a daily nudge that she is ready to be a big sister! Which is very sweet, we know that she would be the best big sister, she’s so independent and would want to do everything for the baby and I think she’d be a massive help, which would be lovely. The problem, which makes all this a bit more difficult, is the fact that we don’t know if we’re able to have more children. I hope we can, I really hope that my body will allow me to carry another baby. It’s difficult to try and explain to a nearly three-year-old that you might not be able to have another baby. I haven’t even attempted to try and explain any of it to her. I mean where would I even start?

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Little Miss H is going through a bit of a fascination with bodies just now, mainly mine! I’ll tell you what though, if any of you are like me and suffer from body confidence, hearing your baby tell you that she loves all your wobbly bits helps you learn to love them too. She knows that she grew in mummy’s tummy, I’ve got pictures up in our bedroom of our pregnancy photoshoot and she knows that she’s in my tummy, but I don’t think she realises that babies take a wee while to cook, hence the question “is my sister coming today mummy”. One of her favourite Disney films is Dumbo, she LOVES Dumbo, so I think she’s half expecting a stork to ring the doorbell and drop off a baby sister!

There’s also the other slight issue of you can’t actually pick the sex of your baby, so even if we are lucky enough to have another baby, I can’t guarantee that she’d be getting a sister…. oh, the joys of this! However, when we’ve tried to explain this to her, we do think she has some form of understanding that if mummy does have a baby it might be a baby brother she gets instead and her reply was nope I’m getting a sister mummy…. Or a brother and a sister! Oh, the pressure, I’ve got to have twins now! Saying that we do think she’d be happy to have a baby sibling regardless if it was a boy or a girl…. or both! All her wee friends have siblings, so I think she feels a bit left out sometimes. However, she does call her best friend her sister, so if we can’t have any more children it’s nice knowing she has a sister relationship with her best friend. My husband has a big family, so she’s got lots of cousins, she adores the little ones, loves to give them cuddles and help with feeding them. It makes me so broody seeing her with them, my ovaries could burst. I mean just look how cute! I’ll apologise now for making you all broody….

The fact that Little Miss H wants to be a big sister and wants us to have a baby so badly makes us excited about our future and having another baby because we know how happy and excited she would be about it. One of the things that worried me before about having another was that Little Miss H would be upset and feel pushed out. I know there’s a chance that she may still feel this way if we do have another, but I have a feeling that the excitement may last a wee while! Who would have thought that your nearly three-year-old could make you feel alright about no longer being a family of three and be so excited about the prospect of becoming a family of four! Wish us luck!

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