Newborn Essentials

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Not long to go now until your little one is finally here, so it's time to start kitting out the nursery with everything your baby may need in the first year of its life. We've put together a checklist for you of everything you could possibly need or want, to help you shop, add to your baby shower registry, or ask relatives for their pre-loved pieces so you've got everything prepared for their arrival.

Nesting is likely to start in a few weeks so having all this ready and waiting will give you something to organise and beautify once your nesting instincts kick in.

Not all the below will be applicable to you, and some, you might not need at all. Just cross out what you won't need, tick off what you buy as you go and happy shopping!

Download Your Newborn Checklist


  • ☐ Cot & mattress, mattress cover, fitted sheets
  • ☐ Changing pad/mat
  • ☐ Moses basket/bassinet/ side sleeper/crib
  • ☐ Nursing chair
  • ☐ Wardrobe/chest of drawers

Changing & Bath Time

  • ☐ Flannels
  • ☐ Bath insert
  • ☐ Cotton wool pads
  • ☐ Creams & lotions
  • ☐ Soap & shampoo
  • ☐ Nail trimming kit
  • ☐ Hairbrush
  • ☐ Baby wipes
  • ☐ Nappies or reusable nappies & liners
  • ☐ Nappy cream
  • ☐ Bath thermometer
  • ☐ Nappy bin/bags
  • ☐ Soft towels


  • ☐ Baby monitor
  • ☐ Room thermometer
  • ☐ Night light/lullaby/white noise machine
  • ☐ Baby body temperature thermometer
  • ☐ Nasal aspirator


  • ☐ Car seat & base
  • ☐ Sun blinds
  • ☐ Pram/buggy/travel system
  • ☐ Rain cover/sunshade
  • ☐ Changing bag with changing mat
  • ☐ Snowsuit
  • ☐ Hat/mittens/booties
  • ☐ Travel cot
  • ☐ Baby carrier/sling


  • ☐ Sleepsuits/long sleeve onesies
  • ☐ Short-sleeve suits/vests
  • ☐ T-shirts/dresses
  • ☐ Leggings/trousers
  • ☐ Cardigans/jackets
  • ☐ Socks
  • ☐ Sleep bag


  • ☐ Dribble bibs
  • ☐ Breast pump, nipple covers & creams
  • ☐ Milk storage bags
  • ☐ Muslins
  • ☐ Bottles, teats & bottle brush
  • ☐ Steriliser
  • ☐ Bottle warmer
  • ☐ Nursing pillow
  • ☐ Nursing bra
  • ☐ Breast pads
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Just remember, babies go through quite a few outfit changes from spit-up, poonamis and dribble, so make sure you stock up and in lots of different sizes, making note of what season it will be when your baby will fit into each size. This will save on your washing loads and means you don't have to feel guilty buying a whole host of different outfits and cute clothes.

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