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If you’ve ever tried to give medicine to a baby you’ll know how messy the process can be and how worrying it can be making sure that they get the correct dosage. 

After mum of two, Dora, spilt medicine over her unwell baby endless times she decided to come up with a solution, Medapti.

Now Medapti, a baby syringe adaptor, has gone from a home-made dream to a patented product, gathering interest from parents, health professionals and children’s hospitals including Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Dora explains “When you have an unwell and crying baby in your arms, you need a product that you can use quickly and easily. An adapter for a baby syringe was a perfect solution. It was simple. You fill the syringe as normal and you just slide Medapti on! The idea of an angled tube came later. Aiming the syringe to the side is important so the medicine doesn't shoot straight down the throat. My product had to do just that – direct the medicine to the side. This is how the final design of Medapti was born!“

We want to help Dora make Medapti a must-have baby product but also a tool in the healthcare market, helping to administer medicine to babies, premature infants, disabled and the elderly.

Please support Dora whether by pre-ordering Medapti (or choosing other gifts), a donation, like or share here with her Crowdfunder

The money received from the Crowdfunder will be used to pay for the first production run, packaging, further intellectual property costs to keep the invention protected and other expenses associated with bringing Medapti to market, such as shipping and insurance.

3% of the money will be donated to Pyjama Fairies a charity who make pyjamas and surgical gowns specially designed for babies and children up to age 16 having surgery or any other associated medical test.

To find out more about Medapti click here.

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