Non-Chocolate Easter Egg Alternatives

boy wearing easter bunny ears

Easter is a time when people like to exchange gifts as well. This is usually in the form of an Easter egg. However, for some reason, you may not think this is a suitable gift for example last year Troy was too young to eat chocolate. The person you're purchasing for may not like chocolate this could be as a result of an allergy. Finding a dairy-free Easter egg has become easier in the past few years. This could be due to the rise of veganism and the wider availability of free-from products. Today I am going to be sharing with you alternative ideas to chocolate Easter eggs.


The person who you are purchasing for may prefer sweets to chocolate. I know this is something which can be common. I used to be one of these people who would take Haribo over chocolate any day. There was no reason why I preferred this it was just my own personal preference. So instead of purchasing something they are not a fan of, why not get something they will like. You can purchase sweets as cheap as you can Easter eggs anyway.

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I personally love books and both of my children have shown an interest in them. Buying books is something which I like to do if I can for an occasion such as their birthdays and Christmas. Easter would be another great time to add to their collection. You do not have to make it an Easter story at all it could be any book. This year I think I am going to purchase Troy some more that’s not my books as this is something he thoroughly enjoys. For Jess, it could be another Julia Donaldson book which we do not have in our collection. However, you can make it so it is any book relevant to the child’s age. These stories can be read hundreds of times and even passed down to younger siblings when they have finished with them.


This is one which has happened in the past to my children. They have received a piece of clothing instead of an egg. Usually, it is something which they can wear when the summer comes around. This to me is a great idea as the kids get a lot of wear out of the majority of the clothing that they own. It could be a nice outfit that they can wear to occasions such as going out for a meal when they are allowed again. Or it could be something which they are more likely to wear often maybe over the summer. This could be an outfit that has your child’s favourite character on which they are going to love and want to wear.

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Since we are all staying at home and not really going out a lot. Why not purchase them an activity to do this could be a colouring book either for an adult or a child. Both find it very relaxing and therapeutic. You could purchase other things like playdoh which would allow the children to be creative. This means that there is going to be an hour of fun. Instead of the moments which it would take them to demolish and Easter egg. I know Jess wouldn’t complain about getting more of the Little Brian paint sticks as these are something, she is enjoying using a lot at the moment.


You could purchase items that would allow them to bake if this is something which they enjoy doing. I know this is something which I do. I am tempted to purchase some ingredients so we can bake over the Easter period. You could give ingredients to bake anything it doesn’t even have to be Easter related. You could make biscuits using Easter cookies so they are still themed. Online there are some amazing recipes for hot cross buns or even hot cross cookies which are something we have made in the past. If you do not want to make some Easter you could make brownies. Or just cookies I know either would go down well in this house. Baking means that your child will get some quality time with you. While also getting some sweet treats at the end. After all who doesn’t love sweet baked goods.


You could choose to purchase them a toy which you know that they are going to love. It doesn’t have to be hugely expensive. If this is something you know they're going to get hours of fun from it could be something like a small Lego set which I know Jess would enjoy. For Troy, he is loving toot toot at the moment so I am sure a new car wouldn’t go unloved. Again, this is a gift that would have a lot of love which would be a lot longer than if they had an Easter Egg.

Have you ever purchased something which has been non-chocolate related for Easter?

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