Planning a Trip to Disneyland Paris in the Summer

Disneyland Paris gates

I may be in my thirties now but the magic of Disneyland has not left me and I am so pleased I get to share this with my own children. We have been to the theme park in Paris a few times and are about to embark on a trip this month so I have put together some tips for those planning a trip to Disneyland in the Summer.

Plan in Advance to Save

There’s no denying it, Disney is expensive! Shave some of the cost by booking as far in advance as possible and shopping around for the best deal. Look at different options when it comes to travel and park tickets, discover cheaper alternatives to the main Disney hotels (there are some close by with their own shuttle to the parks, that are a fraction of the price of the themed hotels). You can also use payment plans to spread the cost if you book far in advance, which really helps soften the blow.

Organise Your Documents

Once you have booked everything, keep it all together and safe in a travel wallet. Get your travel insurance out and remember your European Medical Cards, keep your passports together (remember to check that they have the right amount of date left one them in enough time to renew if necessary). Not only will it save stress and hassle on your trip, it will also be a time saver when it comes to checking in and entering the park if you have everything all in one place.

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Pack Light

Whether you have a luggage limit, or you just want to avoid hauling a huge suitcase around in the heat, packing light makes sense. You will not need a lot of clothes in Paris during the summer months, think lightweight t-shirts, loose cotton or linen shorts or a summer dress. Remember that adults are not allowed to dress up in costume in Disneyland, no matter how big a fan you are, but you can wear outfits with a nod to the theme of your favourite film and characters - search Disneybounding if you fancy trying it out!

Keep Cool in the Queues

Disney involves a lot of queuing for rides. In the heat, it can be difficult, especially for young children. Prepare in advance and consider getting cheap fans to spray water if you are overheating, remember to pack sun protection too and regularly top up during the day. Wear a hat and try and find some shady spots whilst in any particularly long queues to avoid sunstroke.

Prioritise Your Favourites

It may seem too regimented but one of the best tips I have is to ask everybody what their must-do ride and activity would be in the park and then prioritise those things above other rides, shows and character meets that are less important to you as a family. It can feel a little overwhelming when you arrive at the park and there is so much to see and do, and in the heat of the busy summer holidays, it can be tough to fit everything in. If you have your must-do schedule, you can work on getting those things ticked off and then chill out a little about the rest.

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Schedule Breaks

As I say, it can all get a bit too much, especially for children in the heat of the summer. Schedule in breaks, not just for meals, but for a little rest from rushing from one ride to another. Take time to take it easy and find shady spots to take five from time to time. If your hotel has a pool, consider factoring in times to leave the park throughout the day, or prior to the evening’s fireworks, to give you all a bit of a break.

Keep a Record

I am a big fan of creating reels, which I guess is the modern-day version of my grandad making VHS tapes of all the family trips. I would really recommend taking some photos and short clips during your visit, to make a little memento at the end - it can all go by so quickly, it’s a great way to relive the memories when you get back home, to extend that Disney magic.

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