PND Is Normal


PND affects more than 1 in every 10 women and can affect fathers and partners. And many self-help and therapies available.

Post-natal depression is one of the worst things a new parent has to deal with. Everyone is completely different and how they cope and react will always be something no-one can explain.

A many great things can cause the onset of PND but recognising it can be difficult at first, as it is all too common for parents to assume it's the baby blues. And this is something I know from experience as a first-time mum I just thought it will go away as everyone tells you about the baby blues but never the depression, which is a sad but true fact.

It is always daunting going to the doctors and speaking about it but they are there to help, luckily we are now in the age of being aware and more open about mental illness as it's not just the one person that it effects, it reverberates to the members of your family. And by recognising and seeking help is one of the best things you can do for not only yourself but for the family.

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One of the best ways to cope I found was talking to people, ask your midwife about local groups in your area for parents with PND, as you can meet other people that have the same diagnosis as you and will be completely non-judgmental about what you're going through and they might be to give advice and you could go on to make lasting friendships not only for you but also for your child.

Go to the baby groups even if you don't want to, as it will get easier over time and getting out and interacting is known to help your mental health. You may even surprise yourself when you get there and see people that you know but haven't spoken to in a while and they may even help you meet other people are facing the same issue/s.

Being a parent is hard whether your a first-timer or having a football team of kids, it's never easy even when they become adults and are living in their own place but talking and getting out will and does help. Yes, the fear is real, that dark invisible cloud above you is real! But every morning when you get up remind yourself that you can do this, and its a new day and you have people that are there for you and love and support you.

Depression and anxiety is real. Everyone has days when they are completely overwhelmed with emotions and don't know what to do or how to overcome, sometimes you could go for a week with feeling like you are yourself again and then suddenly it all goes downhill in the blink of the eye. That is completely normal and understandable whenever you find yourself thinking 'it's never going to get better' IT WILL!!

People are becoming more aware and open with discussing mental health issues, there are helplines available, health visitors and GP's not just your family. Never feel ashamed or that you're failing as a parent because you're NOT. Everyone has different hurdles to overcome and this is one that takes time and understanding.

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