Potty Training Round Two


You would think after potty training my first (a boy) that I would be all over this! But no, it felt like a whole new thing again

This time will be my 2nd (a daughter) just the fact they were different sexes freaked me out.

My son was an actual dream, I took a week off and he just did it! And no night training he just did it... this in itself freaked me out, I feared that my daughter would be a nightmare just down to the fact my son had done it without any issues... I mean he had accidents; I am not a miracle worker haha

My daughter was a little bit older than my son was but over lockdown, we thought why not try.

She has been used to a potty; she had sat on it at nursery but nothing more than this.

So, we left out the potty, it had been around for ages but on this particular week, she became more interested. We took off her nappy in the morning and gave her big girl knickers and yep that day, we had an accident, a few in fact!

The following days we continued and eventually, she had her first wee on the potty

I think I swung her around and shrieked with joy

(Oh, the things we get excited at these days)

It took about a week of taking her nappy off when not napping or asleep and just asking her when she needed the potty.

Now a few weeks on and she goes without being asked and wants to go on the main toilet.

We still put a nappy for night time but she goes on the toilet before bed...

I think we will attempt night time in a few weeks or so... wish me luck

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My tips for a smooth ride

  • as always do not worry what other ages children have done it at, your child will be ready when they are ready.
  • Introduce a potty, we had ours hanging around for a year before she was bothered
  • Congratulate and praise them, even if they sit on it
  • If they do have their toilet on the potty, maybe give a treat, I did for my son, but did not become a thing for my daughter
  • Get a kid’s toilet seat, it is so helpful (again we did not for our son but now wish we had)
  • Travel potty, it really is great, we had from our son but it is even more helpful for a girly as they have to sit for both and means no awkward holding by a tree and fear of being peed on
  • Buy some underwear for them so they get excited to wear especially if it has their favourite characters on them
  • Pull up nappies for the night time
  • Get them to sit on the toilet or potty before bed and see how the nappies are in the morning. You can then gauge when to start night time.
  • Take spares whenever you go out! (There will always be accidents)

As I have said before taking your time and go with their lead! They know their little bodies and patience. If you are calm, they will find their way

Good luck fellow potty trainers

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