Road Tripping With the Kids

family smiling and riding in the car together

A road trip is a great way to see loads of different places in one go and experience what countries are like as you’re passing through. All good in principle, but when you add in a couple of kids, things can get a bit more complicated.

Gone are the days of long drives with unlimited playlists and smiles, talking and silence…it’s now a cacophony of “How long until we get there” and “My tablet is broken.” Taking kids with you on a road trip can be stressful, but we’ve found a few things this summer that have really helped us out on the 2500 odd miles we’ve done.


Knowing where you are actually going is key to a successful road trip – even more so with kids onboard. Having hotels, routes and stops planned really helps with your sanity and your ability to accurately answer how far away you are from your destination!

It’s incredible how much time you can save by looking at where you are heading. Google maps/sat nav is great but looking at the map and seeing where you are going also means that you might be able to venture a bit off the beaten track (or motorway) to find some hidden gems.

Toll roads are a pain in terms of money but can save you tonnes of time – make sure you know where they are though as you don’t want to be caught short.

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Preloading the tablets is a must and so is having a few games to hand to break up the journey. There is loads to see so you don’t want the kids looking down all the time, but also, you don’t want to rely on kids just sitting there.

Another brilliant little tool is a tray (you can use a dinner tray even) for drawing and scribbling on paper or doing stickers – an absolute game changer on a long trip.

Look for free things

It’s not all about getting from A – B when you’re on a road trip. In fairness, one of the main advantages is the fact you can stop where you want, unlike a plane obviously!

Stopping to swim in a lake in a town or finding some epic lookout spots really breaks the trip up and it gives you all something to remember. Some of the best things we have seen and done this summer were totally free.

Snacks and drinks

Keeping costs down can be hard when you’re on the go, especially with the services on motorways charging a premium. We found that stocking up on snacks and drinks from supermarkets on route is a way better, and way cheaper way to do it….there’s also nothing more fun than foreign supermarkets!

The main thing is having fun, so make those memories!

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