Sex After Baby


Having sex after a baby is a horrible thought. What if it doesn't feel the same, what if I tear my stitches, what if we wake the baby?

When your baby is born, nobody wants to have sex for a long time, mainly because you're still adjusting to your new life that involves milk, poonamis, throw-ups and the crying oh god the crying. It's hard to feel sexy when you're dealing with all of this plus no sleep.

But you've got to give yourself credit, you look amazing even if you haven't showered for a couple of days because that weird glow that everyone else sees is there, us mums don't see that because we are too busy thinking of a thousand different things every second. Which is why it's so important to make the most of time you get with your partner when the baby is asleep.

Yes, it's true relationships aren't solely based on intimacy but it helps to feel that little bit closer. Have a Netflix and chill session. Sex doesn't have to stay in the bedroom it could be in the lounge or the kitchen, even in the shower. It's not being a bad parent to put your child to bed, close the door, have that shower, make yourself feel sexy and go downstairs and have some fun again.

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When they cry give it a moment, they might just settle themselves out.

If you are breastfeeding or expressing make sure you wear a bra with pads, you do NOT want to have milk spraying in your partners face like it happened to me, talk about embarrassing!!

There will be embarrassing mishaps but you've got to laugh and don't put pressure into making it perfect. It’s just like having sex for the first time you will be sore, it'll be weird but also weirdly exciting that you get to be with your partner once again without heartburn getting in the way. Just don't make a big meal out of it, it will happen naturally. Find those moments to make each other feel special and you will have that blissful moment and that spark is back in the room.

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