Six Back-to-School Essentials Checklist

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Before you know it, the holidays will be long gone, and the smell of autumn will sit fresh in the air. Summer holidays have only just started, yet some shops are stocking Halloween crap already. Getting prepared for back to school earlier than later is a good call though. Simple things like shoe shopping can become a full-blown nightmare if left to the last week of August. So what are the back-to-school essentials and what can you do right now to get prepped?


Audit the uniform you already have and make a list of what you need. You may find you don't need to re-buy shorts and tops until later in the term. Our school have branded polo shirts in mustard yellow. It's tricky to find the same colour in the supermarket uniform aisles so I tend to buy from the PTA seconds sale during term time. Also, keep in mind that it's often warm in September and early October so you may not need new jumpers and trousers until later in the term. My son prefers shorts all year round, which is crazy, I know!


If you have a little on just starting school or in KS1, you probably won't need any pens, pencils and pencil cases. We only had to take in a pencil case during covid - so everyone had their own supplies rather than sharing them. Check with the school to see what your child will need when they return.

Hair cuts

Book now and book fast haha! I have two sons and I got so fed up of waiting around in barber shops with them. Instead, I did a search and found a mobile hairdresser who comes to our home to cut their hair. It's so much easier than getting them to sit quietly for 40 minutes each time.

Label everything

It goes without saying, when your child starts school, it's essential to put their name on everything. You can get handy stickers printed with name, phone number, class etc, or you can be old-school and use the sew-in labels. Erm, no thanks! We use the sticker ones and I get them printed with just my son's name. I find we have enough to see us through one school year so I don't bother with his class.


If your child is in KS1 or reception, they'll be entitled to free school meals. If not, you can either pay for lunch or take a lunchbox. My son prefers a lunchbox and we will need to upgrade his this year. The zip has broken and I find the canvas lunchboxes get scuffed.

Check your dates

It's wise to double-check starting dates. We have several inset days tagged on to the start of September, meaning my son doesn't return to school until the 5th. All schools vary though so it's worth confirming when they go back.

Are you getting ready for September? Although six weeks feels a long way off, the time will fly by. I'm actually looking forward to autumn again - cosy nights in, candles and pumpkins. Bring it on!

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