Stepping Back Into the Job Market as a Mum

busy working mum on the phone while holding baby

I have recently left my job in the city due to changes in my personal life which means travelling into London for my current role will not be practical *when* we are asked to go back to the office.

Upon handing in my notice I started to look at part-time jobs in my local area - I know for definite I will have childcare on hand if I’m only doing local drops. However what wasn’t apparent to me before I had children is the lack of jobs which are suitable, with many asking for evenings and weekends, I can’t pick my son up at 11 pm! I can though, still offer flexibility, I can work weekends and can pick up work most days of the week as long as I am asked the day before - not an unreasonable offer (in my opinion). This however doesn’t seem appealing to businesses, many of which want you to say you are available 100% of the time at the drop of a hat. What I have learned, myself and through friends is that it seems like a double-edged sword for us Mum’s and it is like we have ‘unreliable’ tattooed across our heads. If you mention children at an interview then you may become an automatic no, and if you mention them later when you might be on probation then they may let you go, either way, they will likely use a cover-up reason for an excuse!

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I can understand now why I see so many new mums starting their careers all over again with little ones in tow. I’m currently in training learning new skills to start up a new business. Is it the right time? Will I even make any money? I have no idea but as with everything I will be giving it my best shot!

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