Stresses of Using a Babysitter for the First Time


There comes a time in every mummy’s life when she must go it alone and leave her baby with a sitter. This can be a friend, a relative or even a neighbour. Of course, it can still be hard to tear yourself away from your little bundle of joy no matter how much you trust the person who’ll be taking care of them. It’s important for you to know that you really shouldn’t stress during the brief separations. Here are three reasons why you should keep your chin up and weather the storm until you and your baby are reunited.

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Burning bridges

Finding a reliable sitter isn’t always easy. In fact, you’ll be desperate to hold on to one if you can lock down a good one. Unfortunately, you risk burning bridges if it comes across that you don’t trust a person to look after your baby. People might eventually become unwilling to help out if you’re going to pay them back by unnecessarily stressing over whether your child is in safe hands.

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Obviously, it’s nice to spend time with your baby. Let’s be honest though, it can be hard work, especially in those first few months. Due to this, any time that you spend apart can be seen as a valuable form of downtime. You can return feeling relaxed and refreshed, but only if you’re not stressing from start to finish over whether your baby is doing well without you.

mum leaving baby with sitter


While it might not seem like it, separation is completely natural. After all, it’s inevitable that the time will come when you’ll have to part from each other, even if it’s just for half an hour. If you stress and fight the urge to use a babysitter, you’re simply delaying the inevitable. Don’t forget, the likes of nursery and school will swing by before you know it.

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Keep calm and carry on

No-one is saying that it’s always going to be easy to leave your child with a babysitter. However, it’s in both your interest and your baby’s that you don’t stress out over it. If you’re looking for similar tips that will make your life as a new mummy run that much smoother, check out Your Baby Club.

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