Surviving the Latest Lockdown


During this last year we’ve had many different lockdown rules implemented and guidelines for staying safe through the current pandemic but for me personally I feel that this current lockdown has been the hardest. My daughter is turning six months old and I feel like she’s been missing out on so much. I know she doesn’t understand anything that’s going on which I’m so thankful for but there are so many things that I wanted to do with her that I’ve not been able to and people I wanted to see that have never met her or barely been able to see her and get a relationship with her. There are so many days out that I had planned in my mind but we’ve not been able to do many. She is my first baby and I wanted to be able to share that with my family. I appreciate the time I’ve had with my daughter at home to build on our relationship but I feel that having to stay at home more has at times had a negative affect. My daughter has been teething since she was two months old and at times it can be really difficult and not having places to go and people to see has meant that we haven’t had as many times of relief and support.

There are days where she’s not slept or she just moans most of the day and that can take it’s toll. Days at home sometimes become less productive because it just feels like the same thing every day. I feel that it’s also been hard getting her into a routine due to lockdown changes with work as my partner was not at work, then was and is now on reduced hours. Although it can be strange with all the changes it has been nice for him to get morning time with our daughter which they were not getting before.

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To get through this lockdown I’ve been trying to really focus on the positives. My daughter loves her mornings with her daddy where they get to play and have cuddles. We get more time as a family to build on our relationships. We try to go for a walk atleast 3 times a week depending on the weather. We’re getting to explore our area we live as we’re not allowed to go much further and we’re getting things done at home that we need to.

I’m really hoping that things start coming to an end with the lockdown rules soon though as I really wanting to get some time with my family and some days out planned before my maternity leave comes to an end. I’ve got a few months left before I return back to work and I’m hoping to make the most of it and staying positive. There’s many things that as a new family we’ve got to figure out over the next few months concerning returning back to work and not having to worry about the coronavirus will make it all a bit easier. This may have not been the year I wanted for my daughter but it’s the year we were given and I’ve got to make the best of it.

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