The Bag Parents Need: Mushy Mushy Changing Bag Review

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Whether it’s holidays, day trips or the weekly trip to the shop, the sudden need to change your little one’s nappy can be a nightmare for even the most experienced of parents. Luckily for you, we have managed to find a great changing bag to provide the best solution to your little one’s messy phase.

Mushy Mushy have put together a great backpack filled with pockets and straps to hold everything you could need to keep your little one clean and fresh on your trips out. Equipped with great little features such as stroller clips, a wet clothing pocket, and pockets to safely hold your baby bottles, this bag is a great way to hold everything you could need to take to keep your baby happy. To tell you more about the vast array of benefits this bag brings, we sent four of our resident bloggers, Abigail Stanley, Leah Dealey, Gemma Campbell and Sabrina Hackett-Saikul, their own bag to try and test it to its very limits, and here are some of the most important bits they said.

The Order Process

First things first, the order process. Mushy Mushy distribute through stores on well-known sites such as Amazon, eBay and more, this means that our mums found the order process to be “super easy” due to the familiarity of these sites, with delivery times being “quick and prompt” thanks to the availability of delivery within a matter of days.

Discussing the process, Gemma said “ Ordering was super easy and the tracking was clear and concise. Even better was that it just came with a protective plastic wrapping rather than being stuffed with extra paper padding, saving me room in my overflowing recycling bin! A win-win from me.”

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Great features

As already mentioned, this backpack comes with absolutely loads of storage, with ways of getting virtually any baby-oriented product safely stored into it’s compartments so you are ready for any unexpected eventualities. Some of the other great features our bloggers liked were the “the fact the bag is waterproof” and it’s “clean and simple design”

Leah was especially impressed by the functionality of the bag, saying “The Mushy Mushy baby bag is perfect for everyday use. I expected it to be quite heavy on the pram handle but it was surprisingly light even when full. We don’t drive so the fact the bag itself is waterproof is a bonus. I loved how many pockets there inside/outside the bag which means there is no rummaging around trying to find what you need as everything has a place, there is even a convenient little phone pocket on the side of the bag. Without a doubt, you can fit everything you need and more into this bag.”

the bag comes with loads of great storage compartments inside!

Overall Thoughts

To really sum up their thoughts on the bag, we asked our bloggers to give the bag a rating out of 5 with their reasons why and here is what they said.

Abbie - “5, I've never had a backpack style nappy bag before and I love it. It's so much easier this way and the pockets are unreal! I’ve had a great experience with the bag, it's made my life SO much easier having a backpack as a bag and it's unisex so my husband doesn't look out of place at all wearing it.

Leah - “ I would rate they Mushy Mushy baby bag a 5. The pros far outweigh the cons. The bag itself is so convenient to grab on the way out of the house and the waterproof fabric means any marks from little hands can be easily wiped off! The padding on the back of the bag and the straps makes it very comfortable to carry around if needed.”

Gemma - “I wish I had known about this from Day 1 as my partner and I have been swapping bags over as he didn’t like my mummy changing bag. The moment when you realise you’ve left the spare dummy in the other bag wouldn’t have happened, as this great bag is loved by mummy and daddy (and nursery staff too!) It’s a 5 from us!”

Sabrina - “I give this product 5 out of 5. My reasons are because of how much I can fit into it, the ease of its designated pockets and the overall shape and design is excellent. When it eventually wears out I would definitely buy another one. I think it’s a bag designed for parents everywhere, for children of multiple ages not just for those in nappies. It has some unique features not seen on many other bags of this size.”

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