The Best Pop Culture Inspired Baby Names for 2023

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It’s no secret that we’re all inspired by the world around us, and we might want to name our baby after something we love in pop culture.

There’s a wide range of names on the rise in this list so there’s bound to be something just right for your baby. 

And, if you don't find the perfect baby name inspiration here, make sure you check out the top 100 baby names of 2023!


  • Luca 

With the release of Pixar’s fantasy “Luca” the reborn love of the name Luca has been widely embraced. Last year, it was the 28th most popular baby name for boys, and we can see why.

Naming your baby after the colourful and adorable adventure that the film follows, is the perfect way to bring them into a life of love and support. 

Star Wars

  • Kylo

  • Landos

  • Finn

If the colourful world of Luca isn’t quite your thing, a few Star Wars inspired names are on the rise.

Kylo, Landos, and Finn have seen a huge increase in popularity, and we’re obsessed. To the non-fan, these names seem nondescript and could easily be a coincidence, it’s a bit more of a discrete nod to your Star Wars love than calling your child Chewbacca. 

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David Bowie

  • Bowie 

  • Ziggy

Since the tragic death of Bowie, the names Bowie and Ziggy have had an incredible uptake in interest.

Both names have seen a genderless increase, with the number of baby boys and girls skyrocketing every year since 2016.

This is super apt given Bowie’s reputation for blurring traditional gender roles, and we definitely think the names are a cool, edgy (not so subtle) nod towards the star

Sex Education

  • Otis

  • Maeve 

The Netflix hit show “Sex Education” has undeniably made its mark on the world, with the names Otis and Maeve having a huge increase in popularity.

In 2018, Maeve ranked 507th for girl names, but in 2021, it rose to 77th and continues to see more and more baby girls being given by the name as the show continues. 

Stranger Things 

  • Dustin 

  • Max 

  • Demi 

  • Eleven

Although we’re not sure naming your child ‘Mindflayer’ or ‘Demogorgon’ is something you’d consider, other Stranger Things inspired baby names can be adorable.

More subtle baby names like Dustin or Max, named after two of the show’s main characters, are a great homage to the show, and both names have gained popularity since the show aired. 

Or, if you’re wanting something a bit more quirky, you could even opt for Demi if you really love demogorgons, or Eleven if you’re a diehard fan. 

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The Kardashians 

  • Saint 

  • True 

  • Psalm

It’s no secret that the Kardashians have had a huge global impact and this will be shown by trends in baby names.

Since the birth of Kim Kardashian’s son, the name ‘Saint’ has seen a giant spike in popularity and continues to gain more and more traction. Likewise, the names True and Psalm, after two more of the Kardashian babies, have risen since their births.

The family are at the forefront of so many trends and are aspirations for so many for us, so it's no surprise that their choices are providing popular baby name inspiration for both baby girl and baby boy names.

The names can also be religious, so if the Kardashians are your secret pleasure, you can always twist the reason behind your baby’s name (we won’t tell).

If you’re not convinced by any of these names so far, well don’t worry! We’ve rounded up the top baby names for 2023 here, and hopefully, the idea for your perfect baby name will be there!

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