The First Six Months


 The first 6 months with your newborn baby honestly flies by. So many things happen within the first 6 months that at times it can be quite overwhelming. At first, you have to get used to bringing your little one into the world and getting them settled within your family and then as time moves on you have to adapt to all the changes and developments your baby goes through.

One of the main things that I have learnt is that a routine really helps but things change regularly. At times I thought I had a routine nailed and things were going nice and smoothly but then something changes; that could have been less nap time, more food or bigger gaps between feeds. As time goes on you do get a bit of an understanding of where to adjust your routine when things do change with your baby.

I found that having a routine really helped my baby be happier as she was sleeping at times she really needed to before she got overtired and she would then be able to play more and have more energy. I found that a routine helped with her feeds as she was finishing bottles more and not just having a little here and there. Most of all though I found her nighttime routine the most important, being able to put her down to sleep at night and knowing that me and my partner would get a few hours to ourselves was so necessary. We needed that time together just as much as we needed time with our daughter.

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My little girl started teething quite early on and got two teeth by five months. That was something that changed a few things for us. She wasn’t as happy when she was teething so she needed to be distracted more and given more attention which made days a little busier. When her teeth did finally break though it also meant a little change for my little girl, she had to get used to her teeth being there which meant she became a little bit more unsettled at night because she could no longer comfort herself by sucking her thumb like she used to, so we had to find new ways for her to find comfort.

Through all of the time we’ve had together I’ve watched her grow and develop into a beautiful, clever, brave baby girl but I honestly don’t know where the time went. Where did my little newborn go? Where has this baby gone who used to just lie still when changing their nappy or the baby that just stayed in one place when playing on the floor. Now I’ve got a little girl who wriggles about so much that she can get from one side of the room to the other. A little girl who rolls over so quickly it’s a mission to change her nappy and get her dressed.

Although I feel like the first 6months flew by, I’m so excited about what’s to come. I get to wean my little girl to solids and keep watching her grow and develop. I will say to make sure you cherish every day with your baby because it does honestly go so fast. Cuddle just that little bit longer, hold them a little more and just watch them because babies are amazing.

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