Things I Only Say Now I’m a Parent


If you’re an experienced parent then what you’re about to see will be no shock to you, but for those of you who are expecting a little one soon, we decided to take a delve into the internet to find the conversations that will ring in your ears from the day your little one learns to talk till the end of time itself! Because, let's face it, who can ever truly understand the mind of a toddler! So sit back, relax and laugh at the struggle of these other parents and just think to yourself, this will be me soon.

See parenting comes with lots of weird and wonderful things you will end up saying virtually every day even if you don't realise for example:

Explaining the concept of time 

Stopping their juvenile death row visit (yes seriously!) 

Realising the similarities between statues and toddlers where movement is involved! 

Becoming the guardian of the furniture

Stopping the carpet from becoming a vegetable patch

Teaching them biology

STILL trying to get them to sleep!

Aren't toddlers simply incredible! 

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