Three Tips for Choosing the Best Pram for Your Baby


There are so many prams on the market, it feels overwhelming to try to decide which one is right for you and your baby. These three tips will help you to narrow down the choices and help you to figure out which are the best prams in UK.

1) Comfortable

The best prams in the UK are comfortable for both your baby and for you. You might even have daydreams of pushing your sweet, sleeping babe around your neighbourhood as you take a relaxing stroll. The pram needs to be comfortable for both you and your baby to make this dream come true.

Your pram should have plenty of room for your baby to stretch out and be comfortable in. Make sure the fabric is washable yet cosy. A retractable sunshade that covers an adequate amount of your wee baby is important. The best prams in the UK make sure details like these are spot on.

The best prams in the UK handle like a dream. They don’t get caught up on rocks and are easily manoeuvred around corners and over kerbs. Puncture-proof tyres, suspension and easy-to-use brakes are all details you will find in the best prams in the UK.

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2) Easy to Use

The best prams in the UK are always lightweight and easy to use. They often are able to fold up with one hand. Some prams are light enough to carry in one arm while holding your baby in the other. The best prams are definitely easy to fold, store, and open up for use. Most parents have to do these tasks one-handed while holding a baby, so make sure it is as easy as advertised.

Don’t forget to look for a pram that has easy-to-wash fabric. As cute as your little newborn is now, just wait until she gets a bit bigger and her mess grows. Pram fabrics get washed often and should be easy to remove as well as durable. The best prams in the UK always look great because they are so easy to keep clean.

3) Suits Your Lifestyle

The best prams in the UK aren’t necessarily always the best prams for your lifestyle. Before shopping for a pram, think about when and where you will be using it the most. The needs of someone who walks most places is very different from the needs of someone who takes public transport or goes by car.

Things like frequent travel, storage at home, and if you have multiple children, make some prams better for your lifestyle than others. Keep in mind the size of the folded pram if it has extensions for multiple children and if it can go on and off public transport well. The people that design the best prams in the UK pay attention to all of these details.

It is always best to take your potential prams for a test push around the shop if possible. Feel for yourself how it moves, corners, and stops. Try folding it down and opening it with one hand. The best prams in the UK will always have extras like storage compartments, cupholders, and phone holders. With so many to choose from, you are sure to find the best pram for your family. Click here to learn more.

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