Tips for Travelling With Toddlers


The girls are very close together in age there are 21 months between them, and this meant I had 2 children both toddlers at one stage. Trying to meet the demands of one toddler can be tricky but two is a whole different ball game, I have so much respect to those who parent twins, triplets and multiples. Add this to our love of travel and you have to start coming up with new ways to keep children entertained and keep them entertained in confined spaces too, which is never an easy task.

Take the train

I honestly found travelling by train so much easier than driving with the kids in the back of the car. First, if you are just starting out toilet training a toddler it can be a nightmare when they scream for a wee midway down the motorway and you just can’t stop. On the train there are toilets and you can go as you please. Making the whole journey less stressful. Most trains have a snack bar or catering car, and yes whilst the prices are usually more expensive, it can provide entertainment for the kids and a new experience.

It is also easier to play with the kids on a train or as toddlers do not like to sit still you can also get up and walk. The wobbling of the train makes mine pretend to surf and even that passes the time. I appreciate it is not always possible but if you can use a train than I would recommend it.

Pack snacks

Whatever mode of transport you decide to use when travelling, make sure you have a supply of snacks. This doesn’t have to be sweets. You can even pack a picnic-style lunch. My children love this even to this day and think it is great fun to have a picnic whenever they can. Snacks also help break up the journey and keep toddlers occupied even for a little bit.

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Plan ahead

I was unlucky that my children rarely slept in the car, and didn’t really nap when they were toddlers however some children do. Plan a journey around their naps and if you are lucky they will fall asleep making it an easier journey.

Break the journey up

When travelling by car try to break the journey up whenever possible. Even if it is a 20 minute stop at a service station the chance to get out and stretch legs on a toddler will be greatly received. Many service stations often have playgrounds which can help entertain children too.

You could take longer breaks by stopping at a National Trust or English Heritage site. These are a great way to split up longer journeys and burn off some excess energy.

Be prepared

Have everything you need to hand. Toddlers can be unpredictable and whilst you can put all these plans in place they often through curveballs at you. Be as prepared as you possibly can by packing a travel bag which includes a change of clothes, snacks and a toy or game. Having everything to hand will also help reduce your stress level when travelling.

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