Types of School Playground Parent


You may feel that when your child starts school that it’s going to be scary and a complete minefield, spending the whole time making sure you are doing everything right.

What you don’t realise, until you are there, is that there are varying types of the ‘School playground parent’ you will experience, I was told about this, but thought, no! They are being dramatic... but, yep, it exists!

It’s not that scary, if you go in with a carefree attitude, you might not even notice. I am a people watcher, always have been, the way different people do things has always fascinated me. I suppose that’s why I became aware of the ‘types’ in the playground!

If anything, you have to laugh, really, and remember why you are there! To make sure your pride and joy get into school ok, have everything they need and are returned to you in one piece!

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Available parent

They are the ones that might not only be on the PTA but seem to be available for everything and anything, even holding down the full-time job and making others feel completely inadequate, but seemly having all their shit together!

Gossip parent

The ones who seem to know every detail about others and share without anyone even realising… they are usually what would seem to be the popular one... if you’ve ever seen mean girls ha-ha!

The likeable parent

They are the ones that just seem so middle grounded, they can’t make everything, sometimes forget the PE kit but are just so nice

The silent assassin parents

They are the ones that you don’t even notice, they are in and out, don’t talk to anyone and are like a ninja

The floating parent

They seem to know everyone, isn’t part of any ‘click’ but make the effort to speak to everyone

Resting bitch face parent

You are just too scared to even make eye contact, let alone speak too, as not sure whether they even want a hello from anyone... so, are just best to avoid!

Whatsapp parent

They keep you all updated with everything and keep you in-line, you’ll remember everything with this parent... They help you do life better!!

Not everyone falls into a single type, I myself would say I’m a floating silent assassin, ha-ha! But the playground can be a daunting place. I happen to be someone, who will at least try with others. I feel for the shy, reserved parents and try to make every effort with all.

If you think about it, it’s pretty mad, we want our children to have lots of friends, get on with all, no exclusion. Yet, throw a load of parents together and you have a group of tired, crazed adults all feeling as if they are back at school again!

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