Unique Baby Boy Names: The Guide


So, you've found out that you're expecting your very own little one - but now you're stuck on the daunting task of choosing a name?

To make your journey for the perfect name for your baby boy a little easier, here is a guide to some of our favorite unique baby boy names. You won't have to worry about classrooms full of 5 different Olivers or Joes. These baby names are sure to stick out from the crowd.

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How to pick your baby boy name

There are so many things to consider when you're expecting: how do I baby-proof the house, what are the best prams to buy, do I need that many nappies? But above all of these is the monumental task of choosing what you're going to name your baby boy.

There is no easy route to picking a baby name as ultimately picking a name for your son is all about the meaning you put into it. Here are a few things that we think are important to keep in mind when researching baby boy names.

Name meaning

Undoubtedly the most important aspect of shortlisting baby boy names is the meanings of them. Parents often choose names that have sentimental origins or evoke a quality they want in their child.

Some other ways people choose baby boy names are opting for a place name which signifies an important location for you and your child. For example, Brooklyn and Columbus often appear in popular baby boy's names lists.

Or maybe you want to pay homage to your family? Choosing an older relatives' name to continue on the family legacy is an easy route to picking meaningful baby boy names.

At the end of the day, picking meaningful baby names is dependent on your family values.

Spelling and pronunciation

Even though you might feel attached to spelling a name uniquely, your future son may not appreciate it as they have to correct spelling and pronunciation for the rest of their lives.

Choosing a baby name that is easy to pronounce and spell is just as important as your investment in the name. When choosing unique baby boy names, always remember - think of the potential name from the point of view of your baby boy!

The importance of choosing the right baby name

We don't have to tell you just how significant naming your son is. When picking your baby boy's name, you're choosing something that will stick with them for life.

Going for a unique name is the first step in allowing your children to grow as an individual, and not just be known through their surname as Dylan S. It is a big aspect of first impressions in life and it would be disheartening to have the same name as all other children your age.

We understand the big decisions involved with having a child, so read on for our top original baby boy names. Don't forget to sign up to benefit from even more guidance and even the opportunity to get your hands on free baby stuff.

The Top Unique Baby Boy Names

  1. Reggie

What previously was a nickname is now gathering popularity amongst the next generation. Reggie is being chosen as a first name more and more in recent years. As the shortened version of Reginald, Reggie means council power or ruler's advisor.

Reggie as a boy name peaked in popularity in the US back in the 1980s, but this name is long overdue for a comeback. With celebrities such as Reggie Yates and Reggie Jackson representing the name, your baby boy will be amongst some huge influential people with the same name.

Also, this is considered by some an excellent gender-neutral name which could be a great option for those looking to avoid distinctly gendered names.

  1. Octavius

Octavius comes from the Latin numeral octavus, meaning eight or eighth. This classical name exudes power and wisdom - not a bad start for your future baby boy at all, especially with other famous Octavius' including the first Roman Emperor, Augustus, who was called Octavian or Caius Octavius before ascending to this title.

Traditionally, in the Roman era, this name would be given to an eighth child. However, don't worry about having that many children as literal meanings of names quickly were ignored over the years.

Some historians even believe that it could be used to designate the month of birth, making this a great option for children born in August.

  1. Dario

Dario is the Latin transliteration of the Greco-Persian name Darius. These were derived from a common Persian King name Dārayavahush, which means 'to possess good'. Not only does it have a regal air, but it also holds a touching meaning. It will stand out in a class of Joes and Liams but isn't too eclectic a choice for your little one.

This name is more commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries and Italy but regularly ranks near the bottom of the US list of popular names. It is a wonderful option for those wanting to go for a more European name with a rich meaning.

  1. River

With a self-explanatory origin with the natural landscape, River is a beloved gender-neutral name with a current trend of popularity amongst boys. We love the gentle nature of the name - opting for natural names is a fun and eccentric method of naming your children.

The popularity of such names as River, Forrest, and Cliff, means you don't risk coming across as too hippie-ish. Also, let's not forget that your boy would share a name with River Phoenix, the late esteemed 90s actor. This is the perfect quirky choice for any parent searching for a boy name.

  1. Titan

Amongst this list of baby boy names, this one is by far the boldest and powerful. Titan means defender, making it an absolute juggernaut of a name. The name's origins lie in Greek mythology, where the Titans were the group of Greek gods that ruled before the era of Olympians.

We also love that this is such a memorable boy name - you will struggle to forget it. It's short, easy to pronounce and spell, plus the Greek reference is cool and memorable.

Similar to other popular baby boy names like King, Titan is a sure-fire way of instilling some confidence in your son from birth.

  1. Sirius

Whether you're a Harry Potter fan or a lover of names with Latin origins, Sirius is a classic choice. It is of Latin origin, derived from the Greek term for 'burning'. It is popularly associated with the beloved character Sirius Black from Harry Potter and is also the name of the brightest star in our night sky.

This Latin name is great for parents looking for unique baby boy names, as it will be burning bright in memories long after being introduced. It goes across genders, making it a perfect unisex name!

Also, it can easily be shortened to Siri as a fun and adorable nickname for your baby boy.

  1. Finlay

The name Finlay has its origins in Ireland, with the Gaelic name translating to 'fair-haired hero'. It follows the growing trend of using surnames as a given name, something we expect will continue happening plenty.

It is currently more popular across the pond in the UK but is beginning to grow as a popular name choice in the US! While it's commonly associated with Ireland, it is also a common name in Scotland due to its Gaelic origins.

The name crops up across culture, even making an appearance in Shakespeare's work Macbeth, with the eponymous character's father being named Fionnlagh. It also easily translates into a sweet nickname such as Fin/Finn, so you have a little more freedom of what you call your little one.

  1. Milligan

Milligan is the English form of the Irish surname Ó Maolagáin, or 'descendant of Maolagán'. The fun thing is that 'maol' translates to bald, so this great-sounding name has an amusing twist of meaning.

This name is enriched in history, with a long line of prominent Irish families sharing it as a surname. We think swapping it to a first name would make it a wonderfully unique baby boy name in the 21st century.

  1. Wren

This adorable gender-neutral term comes from the Middle English term for the small brown birds. This gentle and rustic name evokes the English countryside and has a more gentlemanly feel than other popular names for a boy.

It is similar to common names like Robin but has an infinitely more distinctive feel to it in the 21st century. Even though it is not topping the popular names list currently, we feel it will rise in popularity over the next few years.

  1. Osvaldo

Osvaldo is related to the Old Germanic name Oswald, which breaks down to mean God's rule or power. The distinctive 'v' instead of 'w' makes it the Italian and Spanish version of Oswald, making it a slightly more exotic choice.

It has a kingly air to it, with its origin in the early Anglo-Saxons. A prominent King, Oswald of Northumbria, popularised this name across Britain and other Germanic countries. Your Osvaldo would also share his name with many prominent South American sportsmen and artists.

  1. Moses

Moses is a well-known name due in part to its Biblical origins and legacy. It means 'son' in Egyptian and 'saved from water' in Hebrew, giving it a unique multi-layered meaning. Most famously, it is connected to Moses in the Bible, who led Israelites out of Egypt towards their promised land and delivered the Ten Commandments.

Despite its previous popularity, this name is overdue for a resurgence, and we can see that happening right now. This heavily traditional name is being pulled into the 21st century with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin naming their son Moses.

  1. Lorenzo

It means someone from Laurentum, from the Latin term Laurentius which was an ancient Roman city. This means that the place-specific name has been preserved by families for centuries, giving it a rich cultural history.

It is the Spanish and Italian equivalent of Lawrence, and you can find examples of people sharing this first name across culture; from Lorenzo de Medici in the 15th century to the baseball player Lorenzo Cain.

Opting for a name like this may just be the inspiration needed for your future renaissance son.

  1. Mika

Mika is a short form of the name Michael, originating from Finland but popular across Europe. It is derived from the Hebrew name Mik'hael, meaning 'who is like God?'. It is a fun new take on a Biblical name (with Michael being one of the archangels) but making it more current and original.

Mika can also be used as a unisex name, which is great for parents looking to eschew specifically gendered names.

  1. Ezra

Ezra is a particularly distinctive biblical name, meaning help. Within the Bible, Ezra was a religious leader of Jewish people and was known for leading a group of slaves to freedom in Jerusalem. Despite being amongst the traditional biblical boy names, Ezra has a fresher, newer feel to it.

Additionally, it has a unique lilt to it due to the combination of vowels, making it sound poetic to the ear. This cements the name as at once poetic and heroic, a perfect combination for a boy's name. Your future son would share his name with the poet Ezra Pound and the actor Ezra Miller - an ideal choice for a budding creative boy.

  1. Kenji

Kenji is a Japanese name commonly meaning 'strong and powerful' in Japanese or 'intelligent second son'. Because of the complicated nature of the Japanese language, how you write the name Kenji in Japanese script impacts what it means.

If you're willing to do the research, you'll find multiple ways of writing Kenji and layers upon layers of meaning to this unique baby name.

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