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Baby Names in General

A recent survey of 6000 people revealed that even after months of research, one in seven mums and dads think they’ve made a terrible mistake in choosing their child's name.

The most challenging decision you will make whilst pregnant is choosing the name because of its permanence. We have already created a fantastic guide, "How to Pick the Perfect Baby Name", to help you research in the right direction and find the perfect name for your little one.

As you are doing your research, you might be wondering what the best baby names are. For this, we have compiled a helpful list, "The Only Baby Names List You Will Need", of the most popular baby names in 2020 to get you started.

If you already know that you will be welcoming a baby girl and would like to choose from some of the rarest baby girl names out there. You can use our following list to find the baby girl names.

One in five parents in the same survey also began to dislike their child's name once it spiked in popularity, especially if it started being used by celebrities. This change brought about a significant increase in parents refusing to use popular baby girl names and choosing to go for more rare girl names.

Once you’ve chosen to go for unique baby girl names, we have compiled a list of the Top 50 Unique Baby Girl names from all over the world for you to find some inspiration and help you make a choice.

Top 50 List of Unique Baby Girl Names

If you aren't concerned about the origin of the name you give your baby girl or are after some inspiration, here are a few of the top unique baby girl names in 2021. We have also included the meanings of the names for your convenience.

Aaliyah: Aaliyah is a pretty name of Arabic origin, and it means "exalted and high".

Andromeda: A stellar baby girl name from Greek mythology. It means “advising like a man” and has a star constellation that bears its name.

Ania: A rare form of the name Hannah, the name Ania for girls, can be found in multiple cultures with slight variations. It is a short and pretty name that means "grace" in Hebrew.

Allegra: Pronounced as ah-LAY-grah. A pretty it comes from Italian, and it means "gay and jaunty".

Althea: An elegant name that you can find within poetry and Greek myth. Althea is a name of Greek origin and means "with healing power". It is shortened to Thea to make for a much more modern name.

Ariane: A French form of the popular Welsh girl name Ariana means "Most Holy".

Avril: A beautiful baby girl named of French origin means 'April' and is perfect for a baby girl born around Easter.

Ambrosia: A whimsical and unique girl name of Greek origin and is present in Greek mythology. Ambrosia, meaning immortal, was the food and drink of the gods said to bestow immortality.

Annalise/Annaliese: Annalise is a classic compound name of German origin; the 'lise' part comes from Elizabeth and has made a revival in the UK.

Aviva: A new name that reads the same backwards or forwards. Aviva means "springlike, dewy", and it is of Hebrew origin.

Adina: A unique girl's name of Hebrew origin, pronounced as AH-dee-nah. It means "Noble, Gentle and Delicate".

Aislinn: A name of Irish and Gaelic origin from the name Aisling. It is pronounced Ais-Linn and means “a vision or dream”.

Bellona: A beautiful girls name with a combative meaning (from the Latin Bellare "to fight"). This name for girls represents the Roman goddess of battle.

Brielle: A relatively uncommon name in the UK, Brielle is of French origin, and it means "training ground". Although it sounds chic and modern, Brielle is an unusual and traditional contraction of Gabrielle.

Calista: An elegant name for your beautiful little girl, which coincidentally means "most beautiful".

Claramae: An uncommon girl’s name of British origin, it is the compound form of Clara with May.

Cresida: A once-popular name in the UK, Cresida is a Shakespearean heroine name of Greek origin, meaning "gold".

Cosette: A rare French baby girl name perfect for your baby girl, meaning “little thing”. Cosette is a sweet French choice for your little one.

Davina: A unique girl's name of Scottish origin, and it means "beloved". It is a feminine form of David.

Danica: A pretty name of Slavic origin means morning star or Venus and is a lovely name to call your little one.

Delphine: A modern and sleek French name, it has an attractive Spanish variation called Delfina. It has two associations with nature, the Dolphin and the blue-bell like flower delphinium.

Eliana: A widely multi-cultural choice, Eliana is a melodious name meaning "my God has answered" in Hebrew. It is also related to Helios, a Greek word meaning 'Sun'. You might have heard of its equally pretty French form Eliane.

Ines: A rare name in the UK, for now, that is slowly becoming more popular. Ines means "pure" and is of Portuguese origin. It is best known as the Queen's name in a heart-breaking romance story from Portugal.

Jessamine: An alternative to Jasmine is a girl's name with Persian origin relating to the Jasmine flower. It can be shortened to Jess and has been slowly becoming more popular in the UK.

Guinevere: A classic name you might have heard of in mythology, Guinevere was King Arthur's Queen. It has a Welsh origin, and it means "fair one".

Juno: An classic name that somehow feels very modern and fresh. Juno is a girl's name of Latin origin, meaning "goddess of the heavens", a perfect way to describe your little bundle of joy.

Fenella/Finola: It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “white shoulder”. It is the anglicised form of Fionnula.

Kalea: A unique baby girl name of Hawaiian origin. It means "joy and happiness" and exemplifies the happiness your baby girl brings to your life.

Primavera: This beautiful name means Springtime in Spanish.

Persephone: Keeping up with the spring theme, Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and the Queen of harvest in Greek Mythology.

Laverna: A modern name of French origin means "Born in the spring", which is perfect for your baby girl born in Spring.

Luna: This name originates from the Roman goddess of the Moon, it is of Latin/Italian origin, and it means the Moon.

Maeve: A name that is slowly becoming more common is of Irish origin, meaning "she who intoxicates". Maeve appears multiple times in pre-Christian Irish mythology as the name of a strong and legendary warrior queen.

Maude: A girl's name to exemplify steadfastness and strength. Maude is of French, German and Hebrew origin, and it means "woman from Magdala that are mighty in battle". It is a unique, classic name and is related to the popular names Matilda and Madeline.

Melissande: A girl’s name of French, German origin meaning “strong in work”. It is a rare name in the English speaking world and can be a lovely tribute to Melissa or Melanie.

Monet: A gender-neutral name from France, meaning “To be heard”. It refers to the famous Impressionist painter Claude Monet.

Leonie: A girl's name of French origin meaning "lion". It can be pronounced as lee-onie or lay-onie and is a modern name that embodies a strong girl.

Primrose: A girl's name of Middle English roots, named after a flower which blooms early in Spring.

Romilda: A classic and strong Italian origin name meaning “famous battle”.

Rumi: A famous girl's name of Japanese origin meaning "beauty and the deep blue rock Lapis Lazuli". It has common western forms, such as Remi and Rumer. There is also a famous mystic and poet called Rumi from the 13th century.

Soleil: A captivating and exotic name of French origin meaning “Sun”. It has slowly been rising in popularity.

Soraya: You will have heard of its more popular form Sarah, Sara, Zara and so on. Soraya is of Persian origin, and it means "Jewel". It was brought to the Western World by the Empress of Iran, who settled in France.

Suri: A unique and truly multi-cultural name, Suri is of Persian origin, meaning "Princess and Rose". It also means "Sun" in Sanskrit and is a Yiddish form of the name Sarah.

Ulani: A joyous name of Hawaiian origin meaning “Cheerful”.

Tamsin: A beautiful girl's name with English origin from the Aramaic word, Thomasina, meaning "twin".

Thisbe: This name originates from Greek mythology; however, its meaning is unknown.

Sarai: A rare variation of the popular name Sarah. It's of Hebrew origin, and it means "princess".

Vivica: A melodious name of Scandinavian origin, it exemplifies strength and means “war fortress”.

Yolanda: Yolanda is of Greek and Spanish origin, meaning "violet flower".

Zia: A short and rare girl name with Latin and Arabic origins, meaning "Light and Splendor".

If you're one of the many parents-to-be who expects a baby at some point in the year ahead and wants to have a unique and memorable name for your little one, consider this your starter list. These names vary in style and origin but will represent the time they will be born due to their originality and popularity for unique names. You can also look for more unique names by using the Office for National Statistics website.

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