What is a Cake Smash Session and Why You Should Book One


A cake smash session is perhaps as simple as it sounds. You smash a cake and a photographer takes photos. Children have lots of fun in the process, the adults also seem to have lots of fun in the process and afterwards, everyone eats the smashed up cake. Well in most cases people do anyway! The question is why? Well let me explain

Your baby is turning one and you want a way to celebrate this milestone, it is after all their first birthday. What better way than with a photography session that can capture how much your baby has grown in the past year, especially if you had a newborn shoot done to look back on. Except not surprising the majority of kids go shy at that age, especially when a person they have never met is trying to take photos of them. Not all do but the vast majority as let’s face it it is a brand new experience and not one you would come across every day. Accompany that with the fact a studio is an unfamiliar place for them and the lights of the studio make it seem a little alien, it is perhaps understandable that trying to get a one year old to cooperate can be, let’s say, challenging.

Let’s make the photo session a little fun, and to be honest can you have more fun than being let loose on a whole cake? A whole cake just for you, with no rules or restrictions. Smash it, stamp on it, sit on it, scoop it in your hands or just take a huge bite out of it. Do whatever you want it is your cake. Which is why most people love cake smash sessions, because there are no fixed rules like other aspects of photography. You capture photos that showcase your little one's personality and often discover aspects of your own personality as many adults start delving into the cake smash session too.

Some children do take a little while to get used to this idea because, to be honest, when have they ever been allowed near a whole cake before? In fact every time there has probably been a cake near them they have more than likely been asked to stay away from it; But they soon come round and before you know it cake is on the ceiling, the child is laughing and the whole experience is a happy, smiley one which leads to natural relaxed smiles and happy photos. You often hear parents start laughing too when their little one gets cake on the ceiling and it almost turns into a mini-competition as to if their child can create the most smashed cake

What makes the experience even better is the photographer cleans up the mess afterwards too. In fact, some photographers even offer a smash and splash session. Straight after the cake smash a bath is provided to clean your little one in and have some natural smiley photos as they splash away in the water.

Cake smash sessions have become so popular that some people celebrate more than just their child's first birthday. Not to be left out adults celebrating those milestones can also have a grown-up cake smash session, I know I shall be booking one for mine.

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