What To Look for When Choosing a Changing Bag

If you’re a new parent shopping for baby kit, you’ll need to think about choosing a changing bag. You'll want one designed to make life with a newborn a bit easier. A changing bag is another useful weapon in your arsenal when it comes to navigating the early years of parenting. 

Size and Compartments

Okay, so let’s start with the basics. Yes, you’ll want something that looks the part, but choosing a functional changing bag that gives you enough space to carry everything you need should be your priority.

Ideally, it’ll come with a matching wipe-clean changing mat and have compartments to hold nappies, wipes, muslins, creams and spare clothes, as well as space for all your essentials. You might want an insulated pocket for your baby bottle. Changing bags should help you organise your day, so you’re not rummaging through one large bottomless pit trying to find your keys.

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Who’s Using Your Changing Bag?

There’s a tonne of sleek leather totes out there, but if you’re planning on tag-teaming with your other half, it might be wise to pick one that suits both your styles. Juggling two changing bags might seem like a good idea, but it can quickly become a real pain. Constantly switching between bags depending on who's on baby duty? It's more hassle than it’s worth. 

How Do You Want To Carry Your Changing Bag?

Changing bags are built to carry a heck of a lot of stuff. In the early days, you’ll feel as though you’re travelling with the kitchen sink. Look for padded straps and easy-to-use handles. Are you planning on being able to stash your baby’s changing bag in your stroller’s basket, or do you need to hang it from the handlebars? Do you prefer to wear a changing bag over your shoulder, cross-body style, or as a rucksack? Lots of bags offer double straps, so you can carry your bag in different ways depending on your needs. 

Durability and Versatility

The best changing bag will be wipeable and water-resistant. You’ll want to make sure it’s built to withstand the everyday chaos of life with a little one. Choose a changing bag that will transition with you beyond the baby phase whether it’s one you can use for work or travel or one that you’ll find useful for tablets, headphones, colouring books and pens for older kids, invest in a bag that will last.

Does Your Pushchair Come With a Changing Bag?

Lots of stroller bundles include matching changing bags, and this could be something to consider if you’ve not yet purchased your buggy. Some will come with integrating straps that clip onto the chassis. Buggy brand-changing bags usually look a bit like record bags. They’re comfy, easy to use, and will suit both parents.

Price and Brand Reputation

Check the reviews and weigh up the price tag if you’re shopping for a standalone changing bag. Established baby brands will offer tried and tested products, and while deluxe options might dent the wallet a bit, chances are you’ll get exactly what you want, as well as a product that will last.

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