When Can I Take My Newborn Out of the House?

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Bringing home your newborn is an exciting time, but it can also be filed with a lot of questions and concerns, especially when it comes to taking your baby out of the house for the first time. 

As a new parent, it’s normal to feel a bit unsure about when it is safe to venture out and what precautions you should take to protect your little one. They’re so perfect and tiny, it can feel like they’re not ready for the outside world! This guide will help you navigate these decisions for your family.

When It’s Safe to Take Your Newborn Outside

There's no strict timeline for when you can take your newborn out of the house. Some parents feel comfortable taking their baby out for a walk in the pram within the first week, while others might wait a bit longer. The key is to ensure both you and your baby are ready.

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Understanding Your Baby's Immune System

It’s no secret that a newborn's immune system is still developing, making them more vulnerable to infections. This definitely doesn't mean you need to be housebound, but it does mean you should be mindful of where you go and who your baby comes into contact with.

Initial Precautions When Leaving the House With Your Newborn

In the early weeks, it might be a good idea to avoid very crowded places. When you need to run errands or nip to the shops, consider going at off-peak times to reduce the likelihood of encountering large crowds.

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Choosing the Right Time

Your baby's first outing should ideally be short and to a quiet place. It will feel strange being out in the big world with your little one, so try to limit the chances of feeling overwhelmed. A stroll around the neighbourhood or a visit to a nearby park can be a good start. Fresh air and a change of scenery can be beneficial for both you and your baby.

Dressing Your Newborn for the Weather

When taking your newborn out for the first time, make sure they’re  dressed appropriately for the weather. In colder months, dress your baby in layers and use a blanket to keep them warm. In warmer weather, light, breathable clothing is best, and always keep your baby out of direct sunlight.

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Socialising and Visitors

It's natural to want to introduce your baby to family and friends after bringing them home, but it's important to do so safely. During the first few weeks, it's wise to limit visitors to however you feel comfortable, and ensure that anyone who comes into close contact with your baby is healthy and has washed their hands thoroughly.

When having visitors, it’s a good idea keep the gatherings small. Ask guests to avoid kissing the baby and to respect any health guidelines, such as wearing a mask if they are unwell or have been in contact with someone who is unwell.

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Enjoying the Outdoors With Your Newborn

Spending time outdoors with your newborn can be a wonderful experience and is generally safe as long as you do so safely.

A walk in the park, a visit to a friend’s house, or even a trip to the shops can be fun for both you and your baby. Make sure your baby is protected from the elements, using hats, blankets, or suncream as appropriate.

Always have supplies on hand for feeding and changing your baby, especially during longer outings. And remember, it’s always a good idea to pack more nappies, clothes, or feeding supplies than you think you’ll need, just in case!

Taking your newborn out of the house can be done safely with a bit of planning and precaution. Trust your instincts, and take it one step at a time. If you have any specific concerns or questions about getting out of the house with your little one, don’t hesitate to speak to your Health Visitor or GP.

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