Why Team Yellow Isn't Easy


When you announce you're having a baby one of the first questions you may get is are you going to find out the gender of the baby. A lot of people now do find out the gender of their unborn baby and there are pros and cons of finding out. I personally know a lot of people who have found out the gender of their baby. I have found it more common when people are further pregnancies. Today I am going to share with you the pros and cons of being team yellow.

Team Yellow means that you do not find out the gender of the baby until you meet your new arrival. This is something which we have done with both of our pregnancies and I will admit this is not one of the easiest things we have chosen to do.


The Surprise- this is something I really wanted with Troy. More so because of having an elect c-section. This means that we roughly knew when his birthday was going to be. Well down to the date as long as it went ahead on that day. So, it felt like this was our surprise not knowing the gender. We got to have the Simba moment which was really nice and them telling us the gender of the baby.

Names- I think this could be a pro of not finding out. People are less likely to ask you what you are going to name your baby. I think I only got asked a couple of times if I had any ideas on the baby's name. However, I never shared what the names were either way. When I have talked to friends who have found out they have said they have been asked a lot more than I was. So, this is something to keep in mind if you do not want people asking what you are going to name your baby.

More Fun- It can be more fun not knowing the gender of your baby. I was tempted at times to find out the gender because we had so many scans. But in the end, I think I was enjoying too much not knowing. There is something fun about not knowing at all after all you get a great surprise at the end.

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No Gender Disappointment- You don’t end up with gender disappointment throughout your pregnancy. If you were looking forward, for example, to have a boy and you find out you were having a girl. This may make you resent the baby that you are carrying. Wishing that they were the other gender. This could happen if you stay team yellow however because you have met your baby, you're more likely to be in love with them. Rather than disappointed that they are not your preferred gender.

Being Wrong- There is a chance that even if you find out the gender that it could be wrong. There are always stories of people who have found out then their baby is born the other gender. This is rare but of course, there is a chance this could happen to you. There would be nothing worse than purchasing everything pink and then you have a boy.


Harder to buy items- this is something which we struggled with. The selection of clothes which are unisex is a lot smaller than if you found out the gender. This may be because more people are now opting to find out. We would notice that there would be a fraction of clothes and a lot of it would be white and very plain. Another place we noticed there was more gender-neutral was the boy's section as it then made it look like they stocked more boys' clothes. As usually there is a lot more girl clothes in stores, we have noticed.

Names- this can be a pro and a con. The con is that you have to find a name which you like for both genders. Finding one baby name which you like can be hard enough let alone having to find one for each gender. I know this is something which we did struggle with a little. There were so many times

we would both be on the baby name app trying to find something we liked. In the end, before Troy was born, we did have a name if he was a girl. I think it was only a month from him been born we ended up with both names.

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Gender Reveal Party- I know this is something which has got more popular recently. Having a party to be able to announce the gender. Is something which is so common at the moment. I know a number of people who have done this. If it is in the summer you could have something like a BBQ. This would be an amazing way to have a gathering with your family and friends. This is one of the reasons I wish I had found out as it would have been nice to have both sets of the family together. However, if you choose to stay team yellow you will not know the gender to announce.

Sorting out- If this is your second child you may have kept a ton of clothing or baby equipment from your first. There is a high chance that past the first size you plan on putting your baby in the clothes will be gendered. I know this was the case for us. So, if this is the case, you can either wash it and put it away for this baby. Or you can then donate or sell them if it is not the same gender as your other child.

Of course, you have to agree with your other half before finding out the gender or not. Which did you do? Did find out the gender or like us did you stay team yellow?

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